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Added: Nov 04, 2016
Poster: ib4real

Must Read: Fredrick, Can You F*** Me? - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Fredrick was driving, I reached into the back seat took his jacket and put them on. All through the drive we were both quiet, he had this mischievous smile on his face, I pretended not to notice, I pretended to be hurt by the previous encounter, I placed my head on the window deliberately forcing tears out of my eyes. ” don’t worry its going to be ok we would report this ” he said rubbing my shoulders. Why did he F**K me like that? , why did he sit there watching?, why was he trying to hide this smile on his face?,those questions ran through my mind…

* * * *
Two weeks later, my husband’s best friend Austin came over to have dinner with us along with his wife, I was done eating and had to retire to the kitchen, ” Ha! Our wife your food was sweet o” he said holding the plates from the dinner table ” you didn’t have to bring it yourself ” I said smiling referring to the plates in his hand . He stretched the plate towards me smiling ,he was always the smiling type. I looked down and saw the same birthmark on scorpion’s wrist now on my husband best friends wrist, I fainted.

***The End ***

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Nov 04, 2016
Lolz... y u d faint?? No b fu-Ck u bin want??
Nov 04, 2016
You don't need to faint, afterall that's what you want
Nov 04, 2016
U must be mad . .after getting the fu-Ck u were looking for u later on faint. . U better die instead
Nov 04, 2016
Boring story....y da faint??shey na fu-Ck yhu b want??
Nov 04, 2016
mtcheeeeeew, its like u guys no get common sense bah,, (sorwie 2 sae oo) let's du it veez wae. put ursef in de woman"s shoe. .. his own husband planned de stuff (imagine) n he evn brought his colleague to his house (which is part of the stuff) xhe make she dey laugh ni abi dance....(she trust her husband) Make ur wife nw have sex with a guy (n uv heard de rumor bout it/ buh u chill n u knw de guy, huh) so de next dae.. ur woman nw brought de guy to ur house n introduce him to u, as her cousin or brother.... WERRIN YOU GO DU?
Nov 14, 2016
Damn funny st0ry shaa...buh d hubby n0 try if na him plan dat game....e n0 make sense ni
Dec 05, 2016
d truth b told d hobby is a real jerk! he fu-Ck up big time. who loose now? d scorp came to d house to mock dem.
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