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Added: Sep 23, 2016
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Must Read: How I Was Scammed By Facebook Sugar Mummy - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Angelina 1 , boo osin 0…
I asked for the evidence only to discover that angelina had used my picture and details to book the hotel right after she contacted me with that kingzlee account…

She was the one that created the account and there was no middle man…. Immediately, i showed interest in the sugar mommy stuff, she used my name to book the hotel she will be stayin…

I was also presented with a paper which stated that i will be responsible for her hotel bills which i signed.,, it was during that period when she was whipping me, i sha remember she brought one paper and told me to sign that she would reduce my beatings..

Me wey candle wax and lashes don destroy him back, i no even reason wetin day the paper when she untie two of my fingers wey i use sign am… The beating be don distort my brain :(…
I checked the omo iko acct only to see it had been deactivated……checking my screenshots later on, i discovered the acct was just created a day before she made the post..

Probably she was just in town for a meeting or something., and needed one mugu to pay her bills and feeding, which she saw in me …
Fb acct deactivated, no contact, no number, not even her name as am sure that angelina name is fake..
just her face….. And nigeria never advance reach fingerprint ID and shii… Even if we get, no be money i go use do that one …
What of the 100k she give me ? Na God no allow me spend that one faa…e go don be anoda offence …. Fake notes…..
So after beating,whipping and candle waxing me., denied me access to [email protected],gave me fake 100k, made me look like her husband and set me up..

She incurred a bill of 650k taking henessy,cigar, the mosy expensive meals, massage,spa and laundry and me, that i was peed on , flogged and didnt even taste the [email protected] will be made to pay for it….

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