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I don’t know what made me the way i am story is one that even I am not pleased
to narrate but its gotta be told.It all started one
sunday morning 10yrs ago when i came back
from church.i decided i was not going back to
school.biggest mistake of my life.By then i was
a 300level student studying in one of the
prestigous private university in nigeria.

At that time my sole reason for making this
decision was that i wanted to do what i love the
most and not the path choosen for me by my
family(to be a lawyer) and of course i knew my
father(papa) was not going to stand for it.
papa being a man that graduated with a bachelors degree at edinburgh university and could also boast of a ph.d at stanford university.he was also loaded.the three boys before me where all graduates from the careers and schools my father chose for them.He even went all the way to decide who the eldest son would
marry.though he never admitted it was papa
who arranged the meeting between him and
his wife,we all knew the unspeakable truth.
But as always,being the black sheep of the
family(something i had no problem with),i
chose to go the other way,ruining my familys
legacy or rather papa’s legacy.I wanted to be
an artist,you know those people who draw all
sorts of things on a board.papa wanted me to
be a lawyer, ”what am i going to do as a
i asked my callous self.i don’t want the professional side of life,4 saw it as boring and there was just too much formalities.i was just a simple guy.Being my humble self,a rule breaker (why i never liked the idea of being a lawyer),a notorious womanizer and classified as a juvenile delinquent at the tender age of ten(10).At that time we used to have what they called “STICK SUYA”.

After saving my pocket money for
2weeks i finally bought two sticks of suya and
being the kind of person i was,pumpous and
all,i walked proudly around the school,head up
chest high like someone who just won the
lottery slowly eating my suya.some begged but
i have to admit i was very stenchy then(i’m a
changed man now).I was still in my dream
world where only I Was king when one longer
throat senior snatched my suya from me.i used
to be bigger than my age and had the strength
of 5 senior boys put together,so I had no
problem pounding this senior boy that saw fit to
forcefuly take what was rightfuly mine.

TO cut the long story short he later ended up in the schools infamry,poor boy!my reward was a
public disgrace at the assembly
ground,eventhouh i pleaded self-defence.the
head master saw it fit to give me 20 lashes from
his cow-tail whip and suspended me for two
week as an added bonus which never ran its full
course because of my fathers influence
(intervention),the thing is my father was so rich
that he held sway over many people including
the headmaster who was no exception.OH!
Before i forget i locked my maths teacher in the
staff room when i was in ss.1 and burned down
the examination hall during my waec days but
as always i got away with minimal punishment
for my crimes.i learned there was no true
justice in the society we live in.Later in life i got
to learn that my philosophy was going to Pour
back to haunt me.karma is b*tch they say.

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