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Must Read: I LOVE MY LIFE - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Wally: If I die today, what will you do?

We were drinking together in Badoo, somewhere in Lagos during the semester break. It was on a friday evening; Eve, Jegede and I were present with other friends. Kosi called and said she couldn’t make it since she was in Accra with her mum. We took his word as a joke and laughed over it.

Jegede: If its possible, I will take your brain and beauty with me.

Me: I will begin to imagine the quantity of rice I will eat on your burial.
Eve: All of you are funny… You actually want him dead? Well for me, I’d like to spend the rest of my life with him…Whether dead or alive.
Wally: That’s crazy… So if I die today, you die too?
Eve: Why not? After all we all shall die one day but my love for you won’t die.
Wally: Am blushing already.
Jegede: Why won’t you?
Me: Tis called undying love
Morrell: Abii? Why won’t I jam someone like this?
Morrell was a model and studying in Unilag. He came with his girlfriend, Princess… A part time scriptwriter and studying Theatre arts too in LASU.
Princess: Like you’ve forgotten am here, right?
We all laughed.
Morrell: Don’t you know that joking is my hobby?
Princess: Yeah, I know. Tis ok.
They later break up 2months later after Morrell caught Princess kissing a producer during a film shooting.
Wally: hey waiter! Mix a strong vodka for me.
Jegede: Someone will over scream this night ooo.
He was looking at Eve and she understood.
Eve: He’s still a learner

I was expecting Wally to talk but he didn’t say anything, rather a gentle smile played on his lips.
He will later tell us that he lost his step sister to Leukemia that morning and was only trying to wear off the distress and when we asked why he came to drink, he answered he won’t really like to imagine what it will be like when he die. So he has to drink to keep his head clear. His dad had to keep a mistress after his mother couldn’t conceive again after his birth. She was an assistant professor in the University of Pretoria, South Africa. So his family was that of Academias.
. .

Tricia was the first to break the news and there was a loud uproar. Everyone wanted to go inside the ward but the door was already locked before they could get in while doctors battled to know if they could restore him back.

Imagining Wally dead on
the sick bed was heartbreaking and nauseous. We were together just 24 hours ago. Tricia held my hand tight as she wept bitterly and I began to wonder why she had to cry even when she’s been with him for just a day. But there was one thing Wally had that others envied. He wasn’t boring and was very lovable.

Everyone always want to be known by Wally and will always like to tell others about him.

Jegede was just there, staring in empty space, expecting someone to tell him that Wally was up and kicking. He didn’t believe it initially and had to rush to the ward to confirm it. He met him cold and still… A fulfilled smile boldly on his face. From a far
distance, no one would have believed he was dead.

I couldn’t hold the pent up emotions any longer as I busted out in tears… He was an only child, a wonderful gift from God to his parents.

He was extremely intelligent and didn’t have to read to pass any examination. He was a child prodigy. His father always wanted him to go to Berlin and get a degree and then have his masters in Stockholm with his PHD in London and have the rare opportunity of working where his mates cannot trod. The wealth was there and he was expected to be a professor before he attained the age of 28. Where are all those dreams? Who will fulfill it? How heartbroken his parents will be when they hear the news. It was unfortunate but the will of God could
not be deterred.

There was a loud scream and I went to verify…

Six girls collapsed immediately they heard Wally was dead. It was confirmed by the doctors.

For a reason, I didn’t faint too. Because I had to be courageous in the face of death. I had to tell the world about Wally… I had to tell the world the kind of person he was and why he should be remembered.

Jegede walked up to me…

Jegede: He was so brave.

Tricia was among those that fainted too and they were being attended to by the doctors.
Me: How unfortunate
I allowed the tears flow freely. I couldn’t have done it for any other person but I must have to do it for Wally. He deserve gallons of my tears. He taught me to love the world when they were against me.
Jegede: He has 596 missed calls and 179 messages with undefined messages from social networks. His dad just called now.
He was having Wally’s phone.
Me: Am just confused. How do we start explaining to them? Death why are you so cruel?
Jegede: He’s calling again.
Me: Gimme the phone.
He gave me.
Me: Good evening sir! Tis unfortunate am breaking this bad news to you now but your son is dead. His body is still in the Teaching Hospital, Awka.

I didn’t let him talk and allowed to phone to slip from my hand. I crashed on the floor, while Jegede sat beside me. The whole hospital was mourning.

Do you think Wally will come back to life?

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