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Added: Aug 12, 2017
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Must Read: Journey Through The Wilderness
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I could feel my head thuding in pain. Bold oozing out of my mouth andnose. I could be feeling the bruise all over my body I try to tough
and feel my face but my tight hand make me groan in pain.

I could feel the movement of people in the room with me and I stop
groaning. the bulb was switch on the person I saw make me swear for
the last day I plan to come to the city.

I could see my friend eye piercing into mine I look round the room and
saw my abductor sitting on a chair with two unclad girl beside him my
J0yst!ck respond to life immediately.
I try to speak but if like am deaf
and dump my friend and the guy look at each other and started laughing
at me……

One of the girl stand up and cat walk to my front her next action shock me.

she climb on me and direct her asshole to my mouth I try to resist her
but the slap on my neck set my brain to restore.
I immediately lick her asshole with my tongue and start eating her up
. she start wringling and before I know my dixk is already in her

chukwudi: best I told u man the guy his a bastard he love [email protected] a
lot.( talking to the other guy)
that when I know his name is best.

I was staring at them when I feel the hot s£nsat!on on my J0yst!ck the
feeling is out of the world as I want to Pour inside of her she stand
up and hold my dixk head all I could think about is how to Fork the
hell out of her if am untie.

she come back again and direct one of her tip to my mouth and started
going up and down on me because if the tightness and d hot feeling I
couldn’t last long and release all my akamu in a waiting punnany.

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