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Added: Aug 12, 2017
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Must Read: Journey Through The Wilderness
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After the S£x, my hand and leg where untie by one of d guy I was takenout to another where a blonde hair girl came to give a full body
massage.after that that I went to the bathroom another girl enter with
me I was feeling shy And use my hand to cover my J0yst!ck. the girl come
closer to me and lick my ear all my adrenaline rush to my J0yst!ck and the
thing sef no get sense it stand gidigba like soldier going to face
boko haram for sambisa forest I drop my two hand down to her back and
grab her butt0ckz cheek the thing just soft like agege bread she draw my
head closer and give me the best kiss have ever had I was already
feeling weak due to the food have never eat and the S£x.

Me: Turn your back.

she obeyed like a small child thy send to go and buy weed. she hold
onto the wall and raise her leg as I slot my J0yst!ck to her [email protected] that
the last thing I remember. before I collapse.

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