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Must Read: Journey Through The Wilderness
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I manage to get Some better sleep. but before I do I first went to thebathroom to freshen up and eat the food they brought to me.

I slept off immediately only to wake up around 10am the folloeing
morning to the sweet aroma beside me.

I saw a girl that look exactly like Juliet Ibrahim putting on a crop
top and bum short I first rub my face to know weather am still in
dreamland or not when am satisfied I get up and enter the bathroom for
the morning due.

I enter to the room back with only boxer and towel round my neck to
see a folded clothe and trouser on the bed wristwatch and necklace I
just smile to my self today will be better.

I dress up finish and want go start devouring the food place on the
table when something started vibrating at my back I nearly run out of
the to before I brace up and check what it to discover it a brand new
iPhone 6s.

I checked the caller I’d and it my friend name that it displayed I
first contemplate on picking it but after the 5th ring I picked it up.

Me: Bro good morning

ck: yea bro good morning,how’s your night

me: not at all bro. so where are you now and when is the journey.

ck: seriously take it easy man. I have a surprise for you before you travel

me; huh what might that be if I may ask.

ck: don’t worry someone will attend to you and don’t try anything fu
nny o.. cos you will’ regret what will happen to you.

before I could take the phone was disconnected.

I bowed my head and the door burst open.
as I look up I saw the girl and my Mum

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