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Must Read: Journey Through The Wilderness
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As I saw my mum I tet to call the number back ‘But the number isswitched off, if this is the surprise he have for me then he must be

‘ I tot while having a flashback of that crazy incident. I was brought
back to reality by the Voice of my mum.

I look her from head to toe and feel like strangling her if only she
knows what have went through. and if only I also know what am going to
face there.

My son, Good morning, ”
she said with a smile on her face.

Good Morning ma
I looked at her with a pretentious smile on my face.

”I’m good and you?” I mumbled.

‘I’m fine” she said.

There was an awkward moment of silence between us, as I could observe
My Mum staring at me.

‘My husband what’s happening why are you so quiet , this is unlike
she said finally breaking the silence.

I looked at her and wondered if she knew the thoughts that were
running through my mind at that very moment. Like, how the heck could
I reveal to her that, I had My friend kill his girlfriend and kidnap
me without my consent,
or the reason I never visit her since I left the village like were do
I start from?.

I was still thinking when her voice tough on my shoulder brought me
back to life I look at her and small
see your friend have already explain a you’ve went through to me and
about your travelling. she said looking at me.
I just look at her and nod my head like agama lizard.

she continue her sermon about being a good boy and so on before the
girl enter back that the driver is waiting for me.
I hug .y mum and
carry my travelling bag the girl help me with the second one while I

follow her from back.

I never know the country am going to until I open the visa and my
ticket and see Cambodia written at the top gbagada.

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