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Must Read: Journey Through The Wilderness
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The Cold feeling on my J0yst!ck Wake Me up to life. I try rememberingwhere I am before my brain function back that am in the hospital,
looking down I saw the receptionist head going up and down she raise her head up and laugh at me. I lay flat and she come up on me in 69
position, her [email protected] lip directly on my mouth while she continue giving me bj. blowing hot air to her [email protected] she start to shiver like someone
with epilepsy I laugh in wardly and grab her two leg, lapping away all her juice,
I tongue Bleep her and eat her up like someone eating pizza for the first she started shivering and release her Pour to my mouth I
swallow it all and raize her up, lay her flat on the bed before she recover from the holy land I started hitting her hard from the center
of gravity after 5min I carry her up and told her to go on all four I started hitting her hard like a student that fail to submit her math
assignment. baby Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep me harder, that all I hear before I Pour inside her.

I carry her on my shoulder to the bathroom I clean my self up and her.

she dress up and left the room not after another round of S£x.

I started feeling hungry and look for the time it 10:30am I open my mouth and rush out to see my friend in his room. Knocking the door I
didn’t wait for any reply before I barg inside like a mad only to see two unclad lady on the bed. my friend later come out tying towel,
We Greet each other and he other for food through the land line.

After eating he paid the girls off, I went to my room to get my suitcase getting down stair I can’t find the receptionist on sit,

another set. we check out drop my bag in the car and zoom off.

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