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Must Read: Life With Spoilt Neighbours (Rated 18+) - Season 1 - Episode 19
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. . . . . After Mr John had alighted the principal that Emma was absent from school, it then dawn on me that I hadn’t seen him all day and Tasha wasn’t around as well. I was worried.
I began thinking of the worst things those two could be upto.
”could they have skipped school and went to an hide-out to continue what I had saw some days ago?….. What could they be doing right now ?” – I thought within me.
”Emma is in this premises, look around. Goto the toilet.. Search everywhere” – Principal interrupted my thought.
*what could be the problem?- I tried to figure it out*
#immediately the male teachers scattered around in ‘haunt’ for Emma and went in different directions…#
*Nonso walked upto me*
Nonso: I wonder what Emma is upto.
Me: I think the woman that came with big aunty is his mom.
Nonso: yes! Am sure.. Do you know what am thinking?
Me: shut up!.. Don’t say it. We’re outside and people may hear you.
Nonso: keep quiet! Who has our time?.. I think Emma and Tasha are both in this trouble together.. How can both of them be absent on the same day? Am sure they’re upto something.
Me: I hope they get caught..
”we’ve found him ma”- one of the teachers shouted while dragging a repelling Emma who was like someone avoiding persecution.
Principal: good, bring him up here.
*The principal and the teachers made a little quiet talk while Emma was ordered to kneel.
Emma was sweating profusely looking dirty and he had a tight face on.. Like a criminal having no remorse.*
Principal: now listen up children.. kneeling before you is Emma X a primary 4 pupil. Standing by my side is his mother who works hard to pays his school fees and ensure he lacks no basic needs. But Emma doesn’t appreciate his mom’s effort, he is disobedient, disrespectful and doesn’t help his mother at home. Is that the way a good child should behave?”

students chorused: NOO!!
Principal: in addition to his nulchalant character Emma also steals the hard earn money his mom makes in her store and uses it to go and play video games.

This morning Emma’s mom came to tell me that Emma stole N1785 from her purse yesterday and used it to buy a Niltedo game.”
* the hall went wild! There were total disarray in the place and everyone was shocked on hearing what the principal had said.
We were cautioned and ordered to keep quiet by the teachers*
”I called you out here to witness what we do to pupils who are keen on toiling the name of this school.. Pupils who are disobedient and are not appreciative of the effort putten by their parents to steer up a good future for them……..
Mr Wole.. Come and teach this boy a lesson.
*Mr Wole approached Emma while binding two ‘water cane’ with a rubber band*
#I was glad! Nothing feels better than seeing your enemy whoopped before your eyes#
”take off his uniform!”- principal ordered Mr Wole.
* at this moment everyone in the hall developed concave lenses to catch a glimpse of what was behind the bully’s uniform.*
#I had a broad smile.. I had every reason to be glad!
I, Nonso and other smallish pupils had suffered alot from Emma’s claws.. I never played outside during break till I got to primary 4 cus he’d always demand money from me,, failure to give him what he asks would initiate some bruising.. We’ve been classmates since KG3 and we were cool then till he started taking the biscuit my mom would give me and drinking my tea. I’d starve till the end of school then. I told my mum and she reported to my class teacher (of KG 3) who ensured Emma never collected my meal till we got promoted to Primary 1.
Main problem started when we were promoted to Primary 2, he had suddenly grown so much bigger than I (though he was much older).. He began whooping my a*s after school and ordering me to do his assignments during closing period. I and some others always did his portion of labour every first last Friday.
…………….. So seeing Emma about to be humiliated in presence of the entire school was so overwhelming and I almost let out tears of Joy. It was too good to be true!#
* Emma attempted to run when Mr Wole told him to take of his unform but he was held and brought back by some teachers who eventually stripped him*
”Take off his pants!” – principal.
*The 3 teachers who were holding Emma forced their way in taking his [email protected] off cus he was dragging and trying to let himself loose from their grasps…

But at the end………………… The teachers prevailed and the entire school saw Emma’s small cigar!
*you can imagine how I was feeling*

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