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Love and Asset - Season 1 - Episode 1
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Gone are the days when graduates in Nigeria,before finishing their educational career,would have secure a stand-by job waiting for them.

But nowadays,things have changed,should we say it is caused as a result of breakdown in the economical sector or the rate at which the number of students are graduating each year….This also affect a young graduate called……..

*Alano*, a handsome and good-looking guy who is averagely-tall and at his *late 20s* in age,he emerges from a family of 5,his Dad,mum,he himself and his two sisters.

He has also a graduated for the past two years as a Civil Engineer from one of the Universities in Nigeria and his way of living has been nothing but *a hand to mouth* lifestyle

“Maybe i will go to lagos to see meet my friend *Saka* who is a mechanic (although i know a little about it) and from there i can raise up a little fund to be on my own” Alano thought about this one day after working as a *Load-Carrier* at a popular market place around his street *(Chai!!! the life of a Man,it’s just full of struggle)*

On that same day he sat down his parent to have a discussion with them.

“Mama,Papa,seems i will be going to lagos by next week,i need to find job” Alano said as he was sitting on their roughly three-seater chair in their parlour which is now food for the bed-bugs

“Ahah My son,when have you been thinking about this” His dad interrupted
“papa,you are the one talking like this,don’t you know how hard i have tried to get a job but all my effort proved abortive,now do you know expect me to continue living here with you under the same roof and you will still be the one feeding me always” Alano said as he began weeping

“Don’t cry my son,all will be well, his mother said as she too was wiping the tears in her eyes with the edge of her cloth
His father tried to lift his eyes up in the air to prevent him from weeping also
‘Son,where are you going to stay in lagos before securing an apartment of your own’His father asked him hopelessly

“I will find my way out Papa,when i get there i will call you sir,just pray for me so that i can see a good job to be able to take good care of you,mum and my younger twin-sisters” he said as he continue weeping.

“Don’t worry *boda-mi*,all will be well” His younger twin-sisters consoled him

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