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Added: Aug 10, 2017
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Love and Asset - Season 1 - Episode 2
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On the fateful Morning,Alano woke up as early as 6am so that he can be able to catch the first bus,he quickly took his bath,pack his luggage and within a twinkle of an eye,he is already set for the journey.

“Mama,Papa i am set sir” He said as he was waking them up with his voice

“Alano,you are through,so quick??” His father who love to call him fully by that name said as he was trying to get up from the bed
[/B] “Yes papa,i need to catch the first bus as soon as possible”[/B] He replied

[/B] “My son,kneel down let me pray for you”[/B] His mother said as she was trying to show the sign to him

“Okae Mama”

**He kneels**

“I pray GOD almighty makes you great at lagos”

Alano and his father chorused
“You will be succesfull,And by now you are going with nothing,but when you will be returning back, *GOD ALMIGHTY* will bless you like Jacob”

alano replied
**but what could my mum mean by *GOD* will bless me like Jacob**He continued to wonder
After finishing the prayer he was seen off by his parent to the bus and off he went…..
Alano got to lagos by 9pm in the evening,the street was dark but he managed to see through,after a couple of minutes he called Saka that he is at his street

“Guy abeg i dey your street come pick me” He said this on phone while entering the street

“Ahah you don’t mean it” Saka said in an unbelieving manner
“I do friend”

After some minutes of searching Saka jammed Alano and they both hugged each other as they were entering his house

“Alano,you did not tell me that you were coming down to lagos,it a sudden movement,what led out of your state” Saka was asking many questions repeatedly

“Saka please will you leave all this your story and give me food” Alano said helplessly as he was so tired

While he was eating,saka prepared another bed sheet for him so that he can sleep after eating
“So now tell me,what brought you down to lagos??” Saka asked impatiently waiting for an answer

” friend,where can i sleep” alano asked without giving concern to what saka was asking him

“Talk now, alano”

“Saka it’s a long story,when we wake up tomorrow morning i will narrate everything to you……

{Story Continues}

Vocabulary Meanings:-
*late 20s* :- between 25-29 years of age
*Boda-mi* :-Alternative saying of Brother-mi
*Hand-to-mouth* :- more or less a poverty life
*Load Carrier* :-known as ALABARU in some southern part of Nigeria

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