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Added: Aug 10, 2017
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Love and Asset - Season 1 - Episode 3
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“Saka it’s a long story,when we wake up tomorrow morning ,i will narrate everything to you” Alano said as he roll down to other side of the bed
Early in the morning of the following day,Saka is ready to go to his workshop as a mechanic and he is waiting for Alano to dress up

“Alano,you know say i just accepted you since yesterday and since you no tell me the reason why you come lagos just for no reason” Saka asked him after making attempt to step out with him

“Saka you should know what i’m facing now,you know that i’m jobless and will i continue to stay with my mum and dad at home there without even working” Alano replied anxiously

“Well you dey kampe,buh sey you fit to do the kind of job i dey do here?” Saka asked
“Yea,i can do it,if you should just show me the way to handle it,i will handle it” Alano said

**Ahhaa see life,see my friend,A whole graduate begging me an illiterate to give him job ahah this country sha**Saka was lost in thought as Alano tapped him

“Man let go now!!” Alano said as he was half-dragging in a friendly manner
When they got to shop for that day Alano was trying to get along even though he is not used to tighting and loosing nut and bolt,it was a different world entirely for Alano

After about 5 month stay of him in lagos and with his Saka,he had been trying to work hard much that he could meet his needs

On a fateful day when He and Saka were repairing a Motor car at his shop,only for them to see a Black Range rover sport 2016 model just entering their shop and at first sight one can tell that the man in the car-jeep is a businness contractor

“Saka,who is that man descending from that car” Alano asked suprisly as he watched the man coming nearer to them

“See you even you wan let the person go before you start saying things about him” Saka Correctingly said as they watches the man coming nearer

“Good morning sir my chief” Saka greeted him as he was trying to postrate showing some respect

“Saka Saka!!, how you doing my Man” the chief jokingly replied as he was sitting down on the small stool saka offered him at the front of their workshop

“Good morning sir” Alano greeted the chief trying to postrate

“How you boy,..” the chief asked
“I’m fine sir”[/B] Alano replied

“Saka who is this man” the chief said as he was just staring at Alano.

“Chief,this is my friend Alano” Saka said and Alano again postrated showing respect

“Hmm Alano!! What a beautiful name” the chief said in an appraising manner
**Beautiful ke!!!where Job wey go make the name and the person bearing the name to be beautiful**Alano thought about these for a while

“How you man?” the chief said as he turn to face saka again

“I’m fine sir,hope no problem that i see you today?” Saka asked as he and the chief were discussing leaving Alano on standing.

“Nothing much really Saka,you know my former driver now,??” the chief asked in assurance

“Yea sir,i know Dan very well!” Saka said in confirmation

“Ehm he has gone back to his home town” the chief said

‘Oh!! what a great worker,he’s a very good driver’ Saka said in approval

“Yea indeed and why i came here is that i want you to help me find a person who can be my driver that can drive me and my family very well” the chief said in addition
On hearing this Alano made attempt to talk
“Ehm Sir i can…….” before he could finshed talking Saka hurriedly cuts in

“Sir,when i find a good driver i will surely notify you” Saka said as he was trying to prevent the chief from know what he did to Alano at the moment

“Okay Saka,thank you very much i will be expecting” the chief said as he stood up which show he was trying to go but after that he handed some cash to Saka

“Saka,take this is for you” he handed the cash to him

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