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Love and Asset - Season 1 - Episode 6
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“Okae bye” the lady replied ad she zoomed off

After seeing her going,Alano continued heading home,at around 8:30pm he knocked and his friend Saka opened the door for him
“Guy why are you just coming now,it took you so long since morning” Saka asked

“Wo *Saka mabinu* it was the chief that kept me waiting for a long period of time” Alano said as he jumped on the neatly prepared bed by Saka

“Okae so what was his reply?” saka asked anticipatedly

“Ahah my friend i thank you very much” Alano said as he lay helplessly like a *2017* *Ileya ram*

“Talk to me my friend,what was the chief’s reply concerning what you seek for” saka cuts in…

“Ahh saka!!saka!! You get angry easily” Alano jokingly said

“Na you sabi just tell me his reply” Saka said in a snappy manner

“What he said was that i should resume on monday and when i’m coming i should come along with my luggages” Alano said smiling

“That is good,so you going on monday now,how are we going to be seeing each other” Saka asked
“Saka saka you don dey miss me niyen oo” Alano said jokingly

“Who dey miss you??,no dey think say you special oo,se no be my place chief dey gauge his tyres ni” Saka corrected him jokingly

“Well no problem,buh saka is that man not having a wife cos he said something that i will be driving him and his daughter but he did make mention of wife,why?” Alano asked him anxiously

“It something,i myself don’t know anything about” Saka replied


“How much did he say will be your salary?
Saka asked eagerly

“Ahaha we never talk about money oo,he just said that i should come to resume work on monday” Alano replied

“Okae,well *koburu kobaje* i know that chief will treat you well” Saka said he was doing judgement for the morsels of the Eba

“Ehn ehn what about her daughter because he said that i should not go there” Alano asked again

“Ahah you better no go there like he said”
Saka shouted as he dropped the plate of *Eba* in his hand

“Ahah why?” Alano asked as he was afraid at saka’s voice tempo

“You see,he never toy with his daughter,he do say it that he want her daighter to marry a rich guy” Saka said

“Ehn ehn” Alano asked as he opened his mouth widely in suprise

“Ehn. So no cross your boundary because he can kill you like he said.” Saka replied
“Well you know i too,i’m not the type that run after ladies and perhaps the daughter sef may not fine” Alano said as he turns to sleep

“Either she’s fine or not,just no go cross your boundary” Saka warningly said
“Wo na you know,Good night man” Alano replied

“Alan,you no go chop EBA ni?” Saka said as he threw a wrap to Alano which that one rejected

“Se you don eat at Chief’s place abi?” Saka questioned


” *ABAJO*, i see,oya take meat”
Saka said.
***Alano did no longer replied anymore telling him good night as he snores off********.

The next two days which was on monday morning Alano got up from the bed,he was about to take his bath and get set to the mansion when he decided to call his mother telling her about the new development

**dial mama’s number*****

Hello mama,Good Morning ma,

Mama:- morning my son,how is lagos

Alano:- fine ma,i just want to tell you that i have gotten a job as a driver of one man

Mama:- okae *omo mi*,God will perfect your way and bless you like *Jacob*

Alano:- Amen Ma,extend my greetings to papa and my younger twin sisters

Mama:- okae i will bye

Alano:- Bye Ma(hangs up)
****why my mum loves to mention Jacob everytime i call her to say few thing about lagos***Alano kept wondering as he was continue dressing up for the journey to the mansion
He was about going when he woke saka up notifying him of his departure

“Saka,me don dey go o wont you see me off” Alano said as he dressed in his native attire

“So quick,it’s still 6:30″ Saka replied as he checked his time

“Anyhow,i must just go now” Alano cuts in

“Okae man,no.prob,we shall ne seieng when chief sends you to my place for his repairs” Saka said as he sees Alano off
“Yea you’re right bro” Alano replied as he extends a handshake to Saka showing him a friendly punch”

Alano continued his journey to ths chief’s Mansion and at this time the baba gateman let him in freely in

“You can enter now, *yeye* boy,” the gateman said giving Alano a hard patting on his back

**thank *GOD* i’m no more a meat to the dogs** Alano thought as he entered the house seeing the chief in trousers and jersey which one can tell that he is just through with the morning exercise

“Good Morning Sir” He postrated

“How you Alano” the chief replied

“I’m fine sir”

“Okay,your room has been tidy up so you can move there by the left hand corner downstairs”
The chief said as he was making some exercising moves

**shuuu so this man wan give me *Boys quarter* thank *GOD* ooo**Alano thought “ thank you sir

“And before anything,have you meet my daughter *Wizbel*?” chief asked

“No sir,i will like to meet her Sir” Alano said jokinginly

“Okae,wizbel!wizbel!!” the chief called and as she was coming downstairs,Alano could not believe who he saw…..

Vocaubulary Meanings:-

*Mabinu* :-
Don’t be angry

*Ileya* :- Eid-El-kabir

*Koburu Kobaje*:- It means it not bad to the extent that it will need no correction

*Eba* :- A solid food eaten mostly by the southern states in Nigeria

*Abajo* :- No wonder

*Omo mi* :- literally means My son

*Boys quarter* :- Just a part of the house being haboured one’s maid or gateman

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