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Added: Aug 10, 2017
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Love and Asset - Season 1 - Episode 8
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***so saka was right by saying the chief want his daughter to marry a rich guy*** Alano thought as he watches Wizbel moving out of the room angrily

“Sir,” Alano signalled to the Chief,
“why is it that Wizbel do gets mad whenever you mentioned the name *Raphy*”
Alano anxiously asked

“Oh you mean Raphy?” the chief said as he was dialing a number on his mobile

“Yes Sir’
“Don’t mind her,i said he will marry Raphy buh she won’t listen”
the chief replied

“But Sir,Wizbel is…”

“Alano,it okay,fnish your food and let’s get into the car and let go”
the chief cuts him

“Okay sir” alano said as he was going to the car

“Baba,abeg open the gate for me” Alano shouted at the other edge of the compound
After Alano dropped Chief,he came back home to park the car,he was about heading straight to his room when he saw that fugure sitting alone at the compound and on seeing this he quickly sense that it is wizbel sitting alone,he moved closer to her and sat down beside her
“Wizbel! Wizbel!” he called but she seems not to answer

“Wizbel (he touches her which makes her to jerk suddenly)” Alano called

“Oh Alan,you back,welcome jare” She tried to comport herself.

“Wizbel tell me what you are thinking,i have been calling you since when i was moving closer to you but you were lost in thought,it was when i tapped you that you now answered” Alano said as he sat again by her side but oppositely

“Nothing Alan,i’m fine” wizbel said trying to act normal

“Wizbel i know you are not,you are a jovial and happy person all the time but since when dad said one thing about the caller when we were eating at tye dining the other time,your mood has changed,what really happened?” Alano asked him consolely

“I said nothing to worry about” Wizbel said trying to put aside the issue

“Ok ok no problem,if you said it”s nothing,fine'” Alano as he was about going back to his room

“Alano wait!!” wizbel called him
Alano turned back to sit down again beside her

“Then tell me what happened” He said
“Alano,you see right from my …….(She broke down into tears)

[B] “It’s ok wizbel,don’t cry now,tell me”
Alano said as he hold his head on her chest in a way to show the *don’t cry words*

“You see right from my young,my mother and i were staying abroad,it was then that we met one of my father’s friend who is a business man,so my father borrowed some huge amount of dollars from that man and their agreement was that if my father is unable to pay it,that means he must let his daughter which is me to marry that man’s son which is Raphy” wizbel narrated weepingly

“Whaat!” Alano shouted in suprised “that’s such an heartless decision”.

“But,if i had the feelings for Raphy,it would have been more pleasant,buh i dislike everything about him,he has no manners and he is rude maybe because his parents are rich”
wizbel said as she was feeling bad

“Oh so sad,what about mum,didn’t you let her know that you can’t becuase what your dad did is nothing but a *Sell to Slavery* decision” Alano said plainly

“It’s on this matter that mum encounter a sudden death,infact it was an ugly incident,… (She broke into tears again)

“Sorry,wizbel,it’s okay..but why can’t you tell him and show your father the guy you truly love,” Alano said

“That’s where the problem lies,i have a man i love,although he is not educated but whenever i’m with him,i feel loved” wizbel said as he was looking straight into Alano’s eyes

“Then tell me who he is and we will both go to him and plead on his behalf so that dad can accept” Alano said

****wibel looks at Alano’s eyes and sighed****
“Wizbel tell me,who is the guy you love?”

On hearing this Wizbel move closer to hik and said

“The man i love is…..”

***The Gate Opens***…..

To be continued

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