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Must Read: Marvel - Season 1 - Episode 2
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The north wind swirl around him and clouds of dead brown leaves kick up from the ground with a faint small rustling sound while he began to clear the weed out of his farm. After clearing some metres of weed The old farmer stopped and he move away from the spot then he wiped out the sweat on his face.

“marvel!!. Get me some water and prepare the bags, we are going home ” he said as he sat on a timber.

But no one replied, he forcefully dragged himself up and he started looking all around for marvel.
Suddenly a boy of about nine year old appeared to the scene with a bottle of water, he has a brown eyes and a charming smile on his face.
“here we go grandpa ” he said as he reach him the bottle

“hey young man, where have you been, av been searching all around for you ” the old man angrily asked

“I just went to ease myself over there ” he said pointing to the direction he came from .

“OK get the bags let’s go home, it’s getting late Already “.

marvel immediately gathered the bags and they left for home.

Few minutes later.

“Grandpa am going out for night play with my friends, I will be back soon ”
he said as he rushed out with full speed, he head straight to Jude, Jack and Paul’s house but when their mother saw him coming, she quickly hide her children in her cupboard
“now listen you all, that evil boy Is coming and I don’t want any of you to be his friend, Now I will go out and tell him you are not around. None of you should say a word. Okay? ”

“yes ma”
the three boys replied and she walked out of the room
She sat alone in the sitting room as marvel walk in.

“good evening ma” he said and head straight to their room

“hey! Come back here ,where are you heading to? ” she asked

“to Jude’s room ma”
“oh! Jude, Paul and Jack travelled to their uncle this evening ”
she faked a smile

“but I saw them playing outside on my way coming ”

“yes! No that’s not them, they left about 6 : 30pm ”

“OK ma, goodnight “
he said and started walking away, but suddenly he heard a voice from the cupboard
“what’s that sound Ma? ”
“oh! They are the new pigs I brought from the market ”

“wow! I love pigs, can I check them out? ”
“oh! Not now you know they are still new, don’t bother yourself you will see them later”
she said with a grin

“OK, then.. Bye Ma.. My regards to the new pigs ” he said walked away while the old lady watched him till he was out of scene. Then she calmly walked towards the cupboard .

On getting there she pulled the door opened and all she could see was three pigs.

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