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Must Read: Marvel - Season 1 - Episode 3
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The moon walk after him as he pick his way down to his house, on getting home, he head straight to his room without saying a word to his grandparents, he jumped on his bed but suddenly some set of fire flies gathered above him.

With fear, he jumped up and rush straight to his door, but he thought within himself
“fire flies don’t hurt kids. ”

Then he return to his bed, and the fire flies gathered again.

he rise his left hand trying to wave them hi, buy the fire flies immediately formed a hand shape and waved back. This surprised him alot, then he began to form different shapes with his hand while the fire flies do the same immediately.

As this was going on the old lady rushed in with eye full of tears and she kneel before Marvel’s grandpa

“what is the matter with you? And why are you crying? ”

“Mr Wilson please save my boys.. Your son came to visit them this evening and I hide them for him . now my boys are now pigs .. Please help me”

Marvel walks in as she concluded her words
“that’s strange! How could that be possible? ”

“I did nothing sir, she said herself not me ”
marvel explained

“am still surprised ” old Mr Wilson announced
Suddenly something said to him
“follow her and give it a try ”
He thought for a while, then he said to the lady

“OK. Madam Margret, let’s go see them ” he said and he walked out the building .

With full haste they walked till they finally got there

“where are they? ” Marv asked
“still in the same place ” the old lady replied

“ok” he walked towards them and he said to himself

“I can do this, I can do this” he closed his eyes And said out loud

[/B] “jude, Paul and Jack , please get up and come out ”[/B]

Immediately the three little boys ran out of the cupboard and they all hugged him .

marvel looked at his Hands, his heart was full of surprise, he didn’t utter a word and he quickly rushed out of the compound. On his way going . He heard some set of voices coming out of the forest.

He halt immediately and he slowly walked towards the direction. he got to a point and he saw crowd of rats busy discussing .

“what’s going on, does rat talks like human?.. This is strange ” he thought within himself.

He took some few steps closer to them and he hide himself behind a big tree.

Then suddenly someone grabbed him from behind

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