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Must Read: Me And My Guys (18+)
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“bro afa na, this ones na your soldier friend still get am?” kush asked accessing the girls.
“na im o e say make i take dem out” i said.
“where e d?” he queried pausing on his tracks, his eyes scrutinizing the environment.
“the guy and him friends dia dat car”
i pointed at a prado jeep. Emilys eyes bulged and i could see a smile of joy on her lips. For her mind she don jamp nigga where get jeep.

Kush bade us good bye and departed into the hall. I led the girls out of the hotel out to the dark street. Their body language showed they were really angry.

“where are you taking us to? ” queried emem. I smiled at her question. She was sick o! “Church” i nearly replied.
“i wan put una for taxi na” i replied.
“so what wrong with the car” Rebecca added.
“that was a joke” i said and wished i didn’t utter the words.
“a what?” asked by the girls simultaneously. “Fire on the mountain” my mind sang to me.
“you mean you had no car and you called us out to this place at this time?” Emily ranted.
“i said it. Didn’t i told you? Lets leave the church rat” mouthed emem. Her words hit me like oga landlords cutlass.
“wait lemme get ma transports from him” Emily said advancing me.
“we paid 5k as our transports, 6k is our return fare since this is night, the total amount am gonna collect you now is 11k” she said her hands on her tiny waist.

Chai! My village people no do me good atall.

Or was it the winch of ngozi? Why badluck the befall me anytime i venture outside?

I laughed at the amount and transport estimated by Emily. 5k? 6k? And 11k total?

I had more than 20k in my wallet since i was fully prepared for the date knowingly the demands our nigerian girls can require. but how will i bring my self to give the girls 11 thousand naira?
Transports fare? Shuoo! Abi they travel go London? Even London transports no cost like that ;D;D.
” are you gonna give me?” she asked snapping me back from my reverie.
” leave that animal lets go” Rebecca suggested. Lol.
“ehh? Leave who? I must get my money”

There was no where i was going to bring down the price, then an idea hit my head. I was gonna act cool and make them feel guilty.

Give them more than the amount they requested for and quietly walk away. i was gonna be the one loossing. But i was gonna protect my ego and pride.

“i said we should leave th…” Rebecca was almost completing the sentence when, Slowly and quietly, i removed my wallet and counted out N15,000. They were so surprisingly quiet. Their eyes fixed on the money.

I divided the money into two part, 11k and 4k. “this the transport fare and this for energy you spent ranting” i said and extended the money to her which she quietly collected, glancing at my face intervally.

The two girls advanced to Emily while she busied herself counting the money. I gave them a last killing glance and walked away.

Ya! My 15k was gone, but my ego and pride was what mattered most to me. I dont joke with my pride, though some circumstances, i can let it go.
At a distant i heard them calling my name.
Attaboy! I hailed a taxi and entered.

After scaling through the vigilante group, i reached home past 12. I knocked almost for an hour, ngozi came to my rescue, asking why i returned late.

Ignoring her, i went through the corridor, opened my door and fell on the bed like a log of wood.

I needed a car badly, anything on four wheels, even a Volkswagen.

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