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Must Read: Memoirs Of Dying And Living
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Cynthia got drinks from the refrigerator, handed one to Chido, opened hers and sat on the bed. It was obvious the time to wait had come. They had already put on the TV but none of them we aware of what was running in the background cos they were too distracted.

Cynthia got tired of sitting on the bed so she undressed and went to bathroom asking Chido to join her as she slaundered past him shaking her Unclad butt0ckz 4 him to see.

Meanwhile Chido was having an animated conversation with someone on the other end of the line. Trying to explain that the gates were locked from inside and that they couldn’t get out.

Trying to tell his group outside that they had to use heavy stuff unless they couldn’t get in.
Trying to explain to them that the fences were too high and too well manned that jumping them was not an option.

This new information was going to delay the attack for a few minutes. It was frustrating for Ben cos his arch enemy Ibinabo was within reach but Ben couldn’t touch hI’m still,….atleast not just yet.

By the time time Chido was done with his conversation it was agreed that they would warn him just b4 they hit.

Chido dropped the fone to see a Unclad Cynthia standing by the bathroom door cleaning water off her body, her eyes on him. She looked like a water goddess.

Chido got up and stepped out of his clothes then made his way into the bathroom, a quick shower and he was done.

He stepped out of the bathroom into the bedroom area to see a Unclad Cynthia sprawled on the bed. Her eyes brightened as he walked in. She held his gaze for a brief while b4 she asked “how much time do we have?”

Chido replied “an hour to two, ….probably a few mins. They will inform me”.

Cynthia replied “come let me 4k u again sugar. This maybe our last 4k. Don’t use a condom just come inside me”. Chido walked over to her Unclad as she kneeled on her fours and reach 4 his flat JT. Then she slowly worked it to life.

They must have gone alot. Chido didnt remember how many time they both came. They had 4ked 4 a while, till his rhizopus was swollen. Cynthia lay content on her side as she tenderly touched his rhizopus.

She was so satisfied she said regretfully “I will miss this experience. Don’t u want to be having this often. U know u could be mine if u wanted. U could be my boyfriend” but chido replied “I already have a girlfriend that I care about. Besides when we agreed on this we said no strings remember?”

Cynthia sighed slowly and replied “she can’t give u what I can sugar”. Chido interrupted her “Cynthia, 4 people like us who live so dangerous. It’s best we just meet and 4k.

I like 4king u so let’s leave it at that. Also stay away from Grace. Unless u want to make an enemy of me”.

Cynthia smiled and replied “have no intention to go near ur girl. Besides anything that would prevent me from having ur rhizopus is not within my scope. So rest easy”. Then she continued “do u want to do me again”.

Chido didnt reply but just slowly entered her again……..bleep.
They were still 4king when an sms got into Chido fone. Cynthia was still riding him as the sms came into his fone. Chido took his fone and saw a message said “ready, here kaboom in 15 mins”.

Chido tried to stop Cynthia but she refused stopping. She just pushed him down and doggedly continued riding him.

Chido must have lost track of time cos one second he was drifting off, almost euphoric to the near estactic feeling Cynthia’s Kittykat’s grip had on his Rhizopus that he could almost see babylon.

Then the next second…….

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