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The noise was so loud that they heard glasses shattering in the floors beneath them.

Cynthia was in seconds on the floor beside the large bed pulling Chido with her even b4 he could say jack robinson.

“This girl could not just 4k, she could also move fast”
thought Chido.

They lay briefly on the floor, chido’s rhizopus still deep inside but no one was thinking about S£x anymore.

Chido slowly got off her and they made their way fast back into the bathroom. They cleaned up fast and in seconds were ready then waited briefly listening to the chaos that had erupted downstairs, the time by then was 2 am.

Chido’s fone rang briefly as an sms came in that said “we r in”.

He then informed Cynthia it was time to go. She made a brisk call on her fone saying only as the line connected “all Mzs to my position”.

Chido tried to open the door but Cynthia told him “wait, be patient”. A knock sounded on their door and Cynthia walked over to open it to expose 6 girls all skimpily dressed but this time armed to the teeth.

They handed Cynthia and Chido some weapons and the long walk to meet up with their group began.

As they walked Ben called Chido asking “where is Ibinabo?” Chido told him to wait that he didn’t know but would find out”. Immediately he cut the call, he asked Cynthia “find out from ur girls where ibinabo is?”.

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