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Must Read: Memoirs Of Dying And Living
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Chido called Ben’s fone immediately “Ben, u guys should hurry to me fast. We got blacksoul. We need to evacuate him now”. .

It took sometime b4 Ben and Boneface arrived. When they arrived, they did so with heavy artillery. Then the pain stacking process of making their way out under heavy fire began.
Chido could see Ben was stressed, his face was hard and he was sweating profusely but his eyes were hard and alert. Blacksoul was held between Chido and one of Boneface’s boys while the rest gave them cover fire.

They slowly made their way towards the gates with Cynthia and her girls in tow returning bullet fire as they came, ducking anytime shot got heavy.

In the distance just across the gate they saw flashray shooting sparodically with a semi automatic assault weapon. He almost looked like Rambo and tried to act the part.

As he shot he turned around and just then noticed Chido holding blacksoul up, his eyes hardened with hatred when he saw Ben and Boneface. He swung his weapon in their direction and emptied a whole clip.

Luckily none was hit but as they tried to react flashray’s area became suddenly alive with Boneface’s group on one side across the destroyed gate, flashray’s and his boys in the centre just inside the compound close to the gate and Boneface/Ben/Chido’s group inside the compound not far from where flashray’s group was holding ground.

It was obvious what flashray intended to do, they wanted to break thru and it seems they had enof heavy weapons to do just that.

To complicate issues the military policemen who had previously dug in at back of the compound started slowly making their way forward towards where Chido, Ben and Boneface were taking cover.

In seconds Chido’s groups came under serious heavy fire. They all knew if they wasted time they were deadmen. But no one could stand up cos bullet fire was flying everywhere.

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