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Must Read: Memoirs Of Dying And Living
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They all knew if they wasted time they were deadmen. But no one could stand up cos bullet fire was flying everywhere. As firing concentrated on where Chido crouched probably cos they had blacksoul there.

Cynthia looked Chido in the eyes, dragged him to herself and gave him a hot french kiss and then she made legend.

One second they were under heavy fire the next second she snatched the RPG from one of Boneface’s guys turned to the military police group slowly making their way towards them and fired.

When the smoke cleared none of them was left standing. There was blood everywhere mixed with human parts, the sight alone almost brought Bile to Chido’s mouth but he held back the vomit.

Flashray screamed and was about to continue shooting when Boneface threw a dynamite he had already light towards his side and another KABOOM was heard.

When the smoke cleared, they saw an injured flashray stagger into a jeep packed close by and speed off under heavy fire from both sides. Cynthia had saved their lives…..

They didn’t wait a second but left the hotel in disarray. Chido, Ben and Boneface quickly rounded up their guys and zoomed of with their entourage in the opposite direction to which flashray had fled.

B4 they fled Cynthia who had a bullet lodged on her left shoulder, the stray bullet wound she got when she blew up the military police group, ordered her girls to quickly round up and go after flashray.

Just b4 Chido’s group moved out, he saw Cynthia being driven by her Leutnant with their entourage following close behind fast toward the direction flashray had fled to.

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