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Must Read: Memoirs Of Dying And Living
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Just b4 Chido’s group moved out, he saw Cynthia being driven by her Leutnant with their entourage following close behind fast toward the direction flashray had fled to.

Chido’s group didn’t drive long b4 they came unto the main road and then the express road and to their amazement they saw a lorry load of mobile policemen with several MP armored cars driving fast into the direction they had just driven out.

4k poo murmured Boneface, “a second more and we would have been deadmeat. Ben don’t drive further down the express. If these MP guys are so much in and hurry to get to the mess we caused, who knows what surprise they have put infront to check or block the road.

Boneface hadn’t spoken long b4 they came onto a long hold up. Boneface called his guys on the entourage and ordered them to break up the convoy and move in solo groups. He also told them to avoid the main roads as Ben turned onto the side and navigated into a side road.

It took quiet sometime to drive using side roads but they finally arrived at Boneface’s HQ.
Blacksoul was taken in and locked up in a room.
It was almost bright as they arrived cos the day had already broken.

Chido went into the house. He was too tired so he went in and hit the mattress. He was asleep in seconds.

“Ben watch out, ratatatatatatata!” as Chido woke with a start.

He tried brushing off sleep from his eyes but was obviously still too tired. He lay still 4 a second as the events of the night b4 came flooding down his system.

He yawned and got up, then made his way downstairs hoping to bump into someone, anyone.

The once lively HQ which Boneface called home was empty.

No soul was there or so it seemed so he made his way downstairs to the direction of the kitchen. That place was empty too, but he was able to find something to eat. He made himself a thick sandwich and retraced his steps back upstairs hoping to bump into someone. He did.

He met a girl from Cynthia’s group who told him they were all in the garage. Chido made his way there thru the door attached to the side of the kitchen and lounge and on arriving he heard just from the door the sound of someone screaming and the sound of leather on raw flesh.

Chido winched, then pushed the door connecting the side of the kitchen outwards to expose a smaller garage that they had not previously seen

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