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arriving there, he came face to face with some strangers faces. There were beads scattered here and there and two people stood in the centre. One of them was painted with different colours from top to toe like a peakcock and the other was sitting on the floor
Chido then noticed not just beads scattered all round but small deities also.

Chido slowly felt pressure in his head. He felt a sudden fear grip him, he felt the urge to scream but held himself back just as a scream almost left his lips.

The sitted one spoke “Chido Remi is ur name. U have died twice but will die twice more if u don’t cook urself in the spirit. U need protection. My hand is ur only option.

Come and swear alliance to mmuoa the land spirit and ur worries are over. U will be protected and can never be hurt by man or spirit”.

Chido replied with difficulty “I don’t believe in those things”. The sitted one replied “yes, mmuoa knows but will overlook it. Ur friends have all sworn alliance to mmuoa.
Ibinabo can never be gotten on a platter of Gold.
Ibinabo is protected by Mmiri the water goddess so he is untouchable. Only mmuoa can make ur struggle possible”.

When Chido still refused Ben gently pushed him into the circle of beads and immediately he stepped into it Chido felt all his strength drain out of him as the sitted guy started chanting while the coloured one started dancing and gyrating.

Chido felt he was loosing his senses, scenes of hate and blood surfaced in his mind, he felt cold grips of death close it’s hands on his chest.

Chido fought….

Then came a surprising loud scream from the gyrating painted man meanwhile the sitted one collapsed briefly and chido was thrown on the floor outside the circle of beads.

He lay on the floor for a bit till Cynthia helped him up. As he stood he heard the sitted one say “that has never happened b4. Ur friend resisted mmuoa.

He is doomed and will be the death of all of you if he accompanies you. His spirit refused to accept mmuoa, his spirit is too strong. I almost lost my mind trying to fuse his spirit with mmuoa.

Come he told his assistant who was still sprawled on the floor. Let us leave here fast. There is doom to befall this place”.
They left immediately.

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