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Come he told his assistant who was still sprawled on the floor. Let us leave here fast. There is doom to befall this place”. They left immediately.

Ben apologised to Chido but he was still too disturbed to hear. When Ben tried somenore to get his attention, Chido just brushed him aside and changed the topic.

They started sharing informaton. It was then that Chido learnt what they had extracted from blacksoul. Cynthia too was forthcoming with information.

They were still talking when Chido spoke out of the blues “what did he mean by let us leave fast. There is doom to befall this place?”

Boneface replied “all these medicine men. Who knows what they mean?”

Just then a loud Booooooooooooooom sounded on Boneface’s gate and to all their surprise the gate carved it as a large utility police jeep crashed thru the gate.

The occupants of the jeep started shooting immediately and sporadically as they broke in and all hell broke loose.

Boneface screamed “to arms peeople. We are under attack”. They all ran here and there ducking under tables and windows in their beads to scramble to safety. Weapons in hand, cocked and loaded, they started returning fire for fire.

The guys outside were obviously serious cos they bombarded the house over and over with heavy artillery.

The guys outside were obviously serious cos they bombarded the house over and over with heavy artillery.

Boneface’s group returned fire 4 fire. They were holed in quite well so it was easy enof to defend their location.

As they shot boneface placed a call to his dad’s friend who was head of the military command in ph. The military man promised him immediate support.

The fight intensified till the promised military support arrived. With extra hand on deck the previously almost equal stance from both sides tilted in Boneface’s favour and the attack slowly faded away without them gaining entrance into Boneface’s HQ……or so it seemed.

By the time the fight was over there were many dead and injured but Boneface, Ben, Chido and Cynthia were still standing.

Boneface told em “you guys better leave now. Go to my dad’s property on Rhumuola.
I will get people to take u there and will join you there after I have settled the mess here with the army and police.

It was just 10 am by then.

They left immediately under military cover, they were all tired and hungry. So immediately they arrived they set up shop and continued discussing details about their next moves but the question how Ibinabo was able to track and locate them kept tormenting them. Boneface’s stronghold was supposed to be secret, atleast so they thought.

Along the line of their talks Chido asked Ben “come does anyone know what happened to blacksoul?” Ben replied Boneface and I checked on him b4 we drove out and he was gone execution style.

Chido blanked and asked “do u know who did it, one of us?” Ben replied [/B] “Chido, that’s the problem. Boneface swears he didn’t and it wasn’t me”.[/B]

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