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The question was, how does one prepare for a battle knowing full well ur opponent knew u were coming or how does one enter a land full of mines with the knowledge that ur enemies are going to ambush u.

He will know by now that we will head for warri to question madam Bunmi and he will prepare”.
No one spoke.
The little dark guy sat in a yakuzi, relaxing to bubbling hot water with a whisky in hand.

The yakuzi was large enof to contain more people and with him were a number of Unclad female companions all talking and playing in the water.

He was though not in the mood 4 such stuffs. He was irritated and it showed in his words as he answered a call on his fone “yes” he screamed into the mouth piece.

“Tell them no more mistakes. These fools have removed some of my guys. I want them to pay for what they have done.

Clamp down warri, if it’s blood they want then blood they shall have. I will use my might on them. Show them who they tried to play with. I will show them who Ibinabo is, the Spiritman”.

He cut the call immediately he was done talking, then he dragged the closest Unclad body to him and rammed his stiff rhizopus into her butt.
They prepared for warri dejected, all scared of what they were to expect. Boneface told Cynthia “this is no more ur fight.
U have what u wanted”
but she replied him “yes, but ibinabo took the pleasure away from me. Anyways I now have other interests in the matter and want to make sure it stays alive till the end.

I am going with u guys besides if warri is a trap like we all think then the more men u have the better”.

Chido placed a call to blackmamba but he didn’t answer so he wrote an sms “warri is a trap.

Ibinabo knows”.

Calls were placed to all their groups, even Tonie wanted to come and lend a hand so they all decided to wait 2 days b4 they head to warri.

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