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Must Read: Memoirs Of Dying And Living
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Calls were placed to all their groups, even Tonie wanted to come and lend a hand so they all decided to wait 2 days b4 they head to warri.
The next day Chido took Ben with him to make a fast trip back to his school so he could be there for Grace’s birthday.

All went well with the party but his mind was not there. He kept thinking of all that had happened to them. Grace had just graduated that year and was in school trying to conclude her clearance and pick up her call up letter while Chido was supposed to be preparing for his 3rd year finals.

Grace asked him “babe, u look so far away. I almost can’t reach u. What has happened to u?” But Chido replied “nothing, an just tired”. Part of Chido’s worry and confusion was the two women in his life.

Grace, quiet loving and understanding and Cynthia, mysterious jumpy and spontaneous. He knew he loved both women but his confusion was killing him.

He knew Grace won’t forgive him if she found out but Cynthia on the other hand was willing to share. Not that he wanted to share anyone, he just could not stop doing what he was with Cynthia.

He knew he had to make up his mind about one of the girls and that meant he had to leave the other. He thought hard, Grace had been there for him all that while. It would have to be Grace. But he was now addicted to Cynthia’s Kittykat…..

The night was quiet, Chido and Grace just lay Unclad together, spooning and talking.
Conversation between them was always something, they always had this bound.
She wanted to make out but obviously didn’t want to pressure him while he hoped she would pressure him to have her but when she didn’t he felt she was tired or so, so he allowed her.

The night was blissful…

On the marrow, the craziness began again as if to wake them to reality. First early in the morning came an sms from Blackmamba “trap is already sprung. Deep inside it. Make speed to warri ASAP. Come with full might”.

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