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Must Read: Memoirs Of Dying And Living
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On the marrow, the craziness began again as if to wake them to reality. First early in the morning came an sms from Blackmamba “trap is already sprung. Deep inside it. Make speed to warri ASAP. Come with full might”.

Chido called python immediately and they prepared.

Then he went to the twins and they were joyously eager to be among. By the time they had contacted ph and Ben had informed Tonie.
Python was already organizing their guys.

They then agreed that they all rendezvous at delta airport and they all moved out. Chido’s group was to hitt the road at full speed from they base.

It was plain the whole world was converging at warri at this time. There was to be blood, deaths, injury. They were going to fight to keep their friends safe and let the gods judge right from wrong.

As they prepared to move Chido kissed Grace on the lips. He had slowly agreed within himself that he needed to concentrate on Grace who had been there 4 him.

He knew 4king Cynthia was the bomb but so was sleeping with Grace. Unlike Cynthia, Grace was a woman, soft in every sense of the word. Cynthia on the other hand was sleak and muscular, she had female curves at the right places, heavy b0s0m and butt in a female sort of way.

She was also mysteriously unpredictable that Chido sometime wondered how he came to bed her.

He was still kissing Grace when an entourage of jeeps drove by them and stopped. Cynthia and her girls jumped out of the cars, all beautifully dressed in short clothes and high booths.

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