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Cynthia and her girls jumped out of the cars, all beautifully dressed in short clothes and high booths.

Cynthia’s expression told it all as she 2alked over to the two lovers, her expression hard, her eyebrow high, her lips sq££zed in a hard scrowl as she said scornfully “hey sugar, so u didn’t have enof of 4king me. U came back to 4k this fat Bytch”.

Grace pulled back from Chido, a surprised expression on her face and she looks at Cynthia then back at chido as she asked “baby, who is she?”

Saliva dried from Chido’s mouth as he opened his mouth and closed it back, only surprise registered in his eyes and face.

Grace then turns to Cynthia now fully extricating herself from Chido’s grasp and asked “who are u and how do u know my boyfriend?”

“Ur boyfriend”
replied Cynthia with more scorn, she pursed for effect and then continued “If he is ur boyfriend then why has he being 4king me. Maybe cos u couldn’t give him what he wanted”. Grace went red in her face to the root of her hair as she punched Cynthia in the face.

As Cynthia tried to fight back the twins who were close by stepped in cos both women were already at their throats. Chido initially was numb and couldn’t react but as the free for all started he reached out and ceased Grace’s arm holding her back.

Cynthia was so mad that she continued “I am even pregnant for him”. Grace gasped tears welled up in her eyes. She slowly and lightly removed Chido’s arms from her as he begged her “Grace pls, I messed up but had decided on u thats why I returned to see u”.

But Grace replied “but u have been sleeping with her and now she is pregnant….” as she ran away from him weeping.

Chido felt so bad, he felt like crying. He looks up to see the triumphant look on Cynthia’s face.
He didnt know when he walked over to her and grabbed her arms and sq££zed it saying “what was that about? I warned u to stay away from Grace. I could kill u…..4 this poo u pulled now”.

Cynthia quietly replied “would u kill the mother of ur child. I am 2 weeks pregnant for u sugar and am going to keep it”. Chido felt faint suddenly, felt so tired as he pushed her away from him and walked away.

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