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If Ibinabo gets to blackmamba b4 us, he will kill him. I suspect this has been his aim all the while.

He has been trying to draw us out so he can eliminate the best ones among us”,
he pursed briefly again. Then he continued, “we will divide up ourselves into 3 groups.

Group A will be lead by darkmind. U will take ur guys and be supported by akpai, smith and kachi’s groups. U guys will take the right down central and follow the express to converge from the right.

Group B will be lead by Sammysmart who will come from the left, do a roundabout on the backway and follow that road to burst out on the left of our target location.

U will be supported by toye2small, fat omoboy and bomboy’s guys.

I will take the 3rd group and carve a niche at the centre, draw out all their fire to us.

While we are fighting them from the centre. I expect them to throw everything they got at us, this will give u guys time to set up camp and then converge on both sides so we crush them once and 4 all”.

When he finished talking, he looked at them then he said “we synchronize our times and attack by 9 pm. When u walk out of this hall remember to collect short frequency walkie talkies i brought with me and set it to frequency 15 Hz once u leave here. We increase the frequency by 2 every hour till 12 midnight then we leave it at 55 Hz for the remainder of the battle”.

We increase the frequency by 2 every hour till 12 midnight then we leave it at 55 Hz for the remainder of the battle.

I want groups A and B to be counterattacking by 1 am unless u hear from me b4 then.

The rest groups that i didnt call are with me”.

Then he said “i want u guys to know. It is an honor fighting with u. This is the real thing people. dismissed” as the rest filed out of the hall.

As the groups dispersed he turned to the remaining people standing close by including Chido, Ben and Boneface and said “this is a sucide mission. Boneface u go with Chido and Ben, take as much boys and weapons as u need. U guys will be the clean up groups. Once we break in and meet heavy resistance, u guys break out and look for an opening. Once u find one don’t wait for us. Delve in and start looking 4 blackmamba, u need to find him ASAP cos time is of the essence. Ibinabo must not find him b4 us.

They replied [B] “yes”.

Tonie then said “we don’t have time. Let’s prepare”.

They scattered immediately as messages started coming into their fones informing them were each group was located.

Cynthia shadowed Chido’s group, she stayed close by trying to get Chido’s attention but he ignore her fully.

The twins also stayed close by Chido, they were his strong support and with them was Ben and Boneface.

Boneface had chosen 20 extra people to join them and as they waited for it to get dark.
A deep silence engulfed the whole group.

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