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Just a long drag of the shiit they were smoking was already enough to feel like a mosthigh.

“welcome to my abode”, Mary said as we entered her family house. I couldn’t fathom my environment so i just smiled and told her how beautiful her house looks like.

She left me in the parlour and went to the kitchen soon enough she was back with a tray of food, a bumshort replacing her skirt and a singlet replacing her shirt.

“which of them will i start eating”, i asked eyeing her sweet looking body and the tray filled with jellof rice.

“that’s your choice”, she answered looking straight into my eyes.

My J0yst!ck was already concurring to the fleshy food and the weed wasn’t helping matters.

“hmmm, i think i will eat this food it looks nice”, i broke the silence and walked up to the chair she was seating.

She pretended she wasn’t aware of my move and kept handling her infinix hot not knowing i was infinetly hot.

I collected her phone aggressively(thanks to the weed) amidst protest from her. Na so we drag the phone sotey i fall on top chair and she fall on top me. My erection so rigid that it stood as a pillar which her tummy relayed on.

I felt no love for her as we stared into our eyes and prayed she also felt none for me and so we kissed.

Mary was so good in kissing that i even forgot to engage my hands in doing what it knows how to do best. Her lips and tongue on mine felt so heavenly and i was ready to die right there kissing her but she had other plans.

Disengaging the kiss she sat on my legs and removed her singlet and then came the b0s0m.

Deji calls those type “straight and reliable” b0s0m. With all seriousness i begin my hand duty on her first handling her b0s0m with my outstretched hands as she was on top of me. I drew her both Tips and she understood what i wanted as she lowered her self and gave me her Tips for sU-Cking.

“feed me baby”, i found my self saying.
“oh yes sU-Ck it,take it, eat it, yesssss”, she replied back while i sU-Cked her Tips exchanging the left and the right like a soldier.

My waist involuntarily started moving up and down and she reciprocated. We dry humped for a while and got tired dry humping.

“do you have a condom”, she asked.

I gave her my walled which have felled off when i removed my trousers earlier. She pulled down my boxers and inserted the condom professionally on my mantle.

‘game on”, i whispered as she began the ride on me, i had no work to do as she made it a duty in wriggling her waist and making my J0yst!ck feel as good as it could feel.

Wow, i was having a wow’nderful experience and was even promising her all the good things in life.

” a car, yes i will buy u a car”, i found myself saying while she promised to be my wife.
I was forgetting about Maryam.

*** To be continued***

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