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Kudirat : welcome jason.. meet johnson myboyfriend..

Her boy what ? ..the guy was so tall , , his face
is fair and his hand is dark , , he had two
tribal marks on his face ..

Johnson: my chairman , , you the boss .. baba nla. .tuale *just exactly like a thug*

I can see kudirat tapping him.. ” Hen hen , , he doesn ’t understand those ” he whispers to kudirat. .I controlled my laughter .. how can a girl like kudirat be dating a guy like this ..I shook his hand and went to my room, , I
changed to simple cloth wondering what
kudirat was doing …I can’ t deny am
jealousing.. 25minutes after. .someone
knocked my door , , I opened the door to see
queen .. I was so suprised. .I quickly ushered
her in ..she finally sat on my bed while I did
thesame ..

Queen : you’ ve got a nice room..

Me: but what are you doing here ?

Queen : am here to thank you for all you
said to me then ..

What ?. .just thank me ..and she came all the
way here .. I guess she even snuck out coz
her mum musnt know.. she suddenly held
my hand ..

Queen : you are the most handsome guy I
have ever met that I fell for you
immediately. .I want you to be mine ..
What is she saying ?. .she suddenly kissed me
placing my hand already on her oyo bread-
like soft b0s0m ..she later pulled down my
knicker and began sU-Cking my full erected
d– k .. she la!d on the bed waiting for me to
enter. .I wasted no time as I put my d – k at
the entrance .. I was about entering when it

reduces to its last size again .. what ’ s wrong
again. .I quickly ran into my bathroom , , d –
n. .f – k you this d – k . .I felt like cutting it
away ..I later stepped back into my room
and queen looking at me somehow ..

Queen : jason what ’s wrong?

Me: I think am having stomach ache *i lied*
Queen : how are you now ?. .

Me: I will be better..

I gathered more lies and just dropped them
inside her ear. .well , she later left ..I entered
the sitting room after I accompany
her ..where is kudirat and her thug guy. .I
went upstairs and passing by kuddy room, , I
was hearing different m0ans .. I was so angry
that I felt like breaking that johnson’ s
neck .. I later went back into my room
angrily .. I saw five missed calls on my
phone , , all from amaka .. I decided to not call
her back . .she called again and I ignored
it. .she then texted me . .it says

“ Answer my call ” .. how did she know am ignoring it. .she call again and this time I
picked it ..

Me: what again ?

Amaka: you can call that our marriage a
dream but its real, , we ’ ve been hitched
forever so be prepared to be living with
me ..

Is she mad ? with who .. ” Help ” I heard kudirat shouted from her room.. what ’ s wrong with her . .

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