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Added: Aug 08, 2017
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Kudirat : what happened to you in yourdream?

Voice of tina telling me not to tell anybody
kept ringing in my ears ..

Me: nothing ..don ’t worry
I made to stand up but she held me back ..

Kudirat : what did that tina girl did to you ?

Me: nothing *i shouted this time*
I stormed out and went into my room
thinking about how complicated my life
have become.. I la!d on my bed and later
drifted to sleep.. I woke up to see kudirat
sitting beside me placing her hand on my
forehead innocently detecting my
temperature. .she was really beautiful , , how
come I still bleeped amaka having a
beautiful girl like this. .

Kudirat : goodmorning jason
*I managed to stand up*

Me: look , am sorry for shouting at you last night..

Kudirat : don’ t be , , even if you keep on
shouting on me everytime, , I ’ll just be loving
you more..

I smiled , so this is love ..she made to kiss me
but I pushed my head back ..

Me: I haven’t brush . .
*She bursted to laughter *

Kudirat : that ’ s why I wanted to kiss you more..

We engaged in a very passionate kiss and
we later broke off ..we went downstairs
holding hands. .the aroma I was smelling
made me realise she have cooked already ..
30minutes later ..

We were still talking and gisting when tina
call came in .. my body began shaking and I
was paralyzed as I can’ t even answer the

Kudirat : you won’ t answer the call?

Me: its val . .I ’ ll call him later * i lied *

She called two more times and I just
ignored her call, ,[/B] ” no be me you go flog
again”[/B] I thought to myself .. I was still
enjoying my conversations with kudirat
when my phone beeped of incoming
message ..I checked the message to see
“ why are you ignoring my calls ? , you know
I ’ll die if I didn’ t hear your voice in a day”

from tina.. I hissed angrily . .as I have
guessed , , its amaka that turned to tina in
my dream , , I know that tina is innocent . .
I excused myself and went to my room to call
her back . .I dialled her number and she
picked it at the third ring. .

[/B] Me:[/B] hi tina

Tina: its really unfair , , I know you didn’ t pick my calls , , no more lies ..

Me: am sorry, , I was in the bathroom
before. .that ’s why .

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