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“ Hello handsome” a familier voice said givingme more reasons to turn back . .I turned back to see the suprise of my life . .tina at
the front wearing a wierd crown , , queen at
her right hand and joyce at her left
hand I was really dealing with
monsters .. if I successfully overcome this , , I
won’ t even touch any girls again. .am so

Queen : welcome handsome. .

Joyce : so mighty jason can be scared like
this. .

[/B] Tina:[/B] leave my husband alone ..
*they all bursted to laughter *

Queen : you thought you could just bleep
any girls then dumped them??

Joyce : what shall we do to him *asking tina their leader *

Tina: let ’ s make him enjoy what he loves doing then he will join his friend over
there. .

What friend ?? , , I steer my head left to see
val been tied kneeling down seems to open
his eyes but was just staring at the floor
without blinking . . ” Val” I shouted and ran to him, , I tried to touch him but something
sent me flying back like a fake jet .. they
bursted to laughter again. .I later stood up
now accepted my fate .. they all stripped
Unclad preparing for f – k …how will I f – k
these monsters ..I wonder if my d – k haven’t
got supernatural powers ..

They began walking towards me while I was
moving backward. .someone suddenly
appeared beside me ..the person held my
hand , , I was so scared that I can’ t look at
the person ’ s face .. ” Don ’ t be scared
jason, am here for you ” ..
kudirat ? was
really kudirat ..

Me: what are you doing here , , how did you got here ??

Kudirat : let ’s talk about that when we get home. .

Joyce and queen were about charging
towards us when tina stopped them. .

Tina: stop !!

Joyce : why commander ?? *asking tina *

Tina: she is not someone you can handle .. let them go for now ..

*kudirat smiles while I was staring
dumbfoundedly at her *

Kudirat : let ’s go now ..

I can’ t just leave val with these monsters ..

[/B] Me:[/B] we have to save val ..

Kudirat : save yourself first, , then you can
save others ..

She held my both hands and I found myself
in my room with kudirat. .she sat on my bed
not saying anything while I can’t stop staring
at her full of curiosity .. I really need
explanations. .so kudirat sef no be
human. .lobatan !! . ..

Me: how …d…id yo .. u do .. d. .o th.. at ?? ( How did you do that ) *i stammered *

She was just staring at me not saying
anything ..I was like “ why the hell you
staring like that ” . .
she finally speaks.

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