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I was lost in thinking as I stared at amakawho was just smiling at me happily..

[/B] Amaka:[/B] how are you son. .

Me: a. .m go . .od * i stammered *

About 2 hrs later

I was on bed thinking what to do .. am so
fed up. .how can I be living like this
can dad do this he is been sleeping at
amaka ’ s house .. chaii .. I can’ t just believe
this. .I was still thinking about this when my
phone started ringing ..its tina. .I hissed then
just locked my phone ..the thing kept
vibrating which was increasing my
angriness ..I tossed it away more far from
me ..

I later began smelling a diffetent perfume
and my phone still vibrating. . ” Mtcheeew ” I
hissed out loud.. ” Did you hate me that
I heard a familier voice said ..I
cleaned my ear very well . . ” Am right here ”
voice sounded again. .I turned back just
right at front of my ward drobe was tina
standing in her night gown holding her
phone still calling me ..

Tina: hello jason!!.

Me: hi t . .ina *i stammered *

Tina: why don’ t you pick my call ..

Me: t . .he …phone is …is .. not with me …*i

Tina: but the phone is right there , , I can see you delibrately ignoring my calls .. anyway I ’ v missed you ..especially *licking her lip* your big rod . .

I would have asked how she got here but I
clearly remember she is no ordinary
girl, , she can do everything. .she finally sat
beside me while I was just trembling in
fear .. wtf !! …this demon again .. she grabbed

my hand and placed it on her lap ..

Me: what are yo . .u doi …

*shhhh* she placed her finger on my lip
telling me to shut up..

She shifted my hand more deeper ..then I
realise she was wearing no pant .. my thing
began jacking. . ” You can’ t rise ” I thought to myself referring to my thing. .I found myself rubbing her k —y .. I was still doing this and squezing her b0s0m with my right hands
when knocks landed on the door .. ” Who is
that ”
I stammered. . ” Open the door jason”
amaka ’ s voice?? . .I sluggishly walked to the
door and opened it to see amaka also in
her nightie. .she then walked straight inside
and stopped when she saw tina ..

Amaka: who is this ?? *almost shouted *

Me: my .. m .. y .. my frien….
*tina interrupted *

Tina: am his girlfriend. .

Amaka: what ?

Me: tina meet my stepmother ..amaka meet my classmate ..

They were staring at me somehow that I
quickly faked a smile. .

Amaka: did you forget we ’ve been hitched ?

Tina: what ? .. jason what is she saying ..
Chaii .. am really in trouble . . ” What ’ s
I heard kudirat voice. .I turned
back to see her also wearing her
nightie.. chaii .. what ’ s all this bai ..

Kudirat : jason, , what ’ s aunty amaka and tina here for ??

Me: they are.. talking business ..

Kudirat : business ?. .alright . .honey come on let ’s go to my room.. let ’ s leave them to
their business . .

[/B] Tina:[/B] what ?? . .don’ t dare step out..

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