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Added: Aug 13, 2017
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I managed to stand up staring at the direction she goes angrily..seems I have no fear for this mermaid really hating her more and more..I later went into my room only thinking on how I will conquer this mermaid,,I was still on this when kudirat came in..she closed the door and sat beside me..

Kudirat: I heard it all..the girl is really dangerous..

Me: I just don’t know what to do *faced down*

Kudirat: I think I have a solution but I don’t know if you will to do it..

I can’t stop myself from being curious..woah!!

Me: let’s hear it..

Kudirat: let me take you to a man..

Me: what?..your dad?..

Kudirat: no,,he can stop amaka..

Me: can he really do that?

Kudirat: he is the most powerful being I have ever known..

Me: are you sure??

Kudirat: have I ever lied to you love?? *squeezing my hand*

Me: we should leave right now..

Kudirat: what about your dad?

Me: he is not a problem..I just want to be free from this mermaid..anyway,is my baby kicking?

Kudirat: *smile*,,sure he is..

Me: he??

Kudirat: yes ofcourse,,I don’t want to give birth to female first..

Me: why??

Kudirat: *she released my hand*..she will be cursed like me..

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