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Added: Aug 13, 2017
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Me: what??

Kudirat: she must marry the guy to ever deflower her

Me: is that a curse??

Kudirat: a..n…..d…her husband must not make love to any other woman when she is pregnant..

What!!..which kind famliy be this God..

Me: what if he mistakenly do it??

Kudirat: then she will die and her husband will run mad..

Me: don’t te..ll me you carry same curse?

Kudirat:*she faced down*
Yeeh..ah don its curse am even bleeping not kudirat..chaii..what to do now..I can’t even bleep another girl for nine month life is not even real anymore..

Kudirat: am so sorry love *she started crying*

I pulled her body close to mine..

Me: its not your fault..why will I do that when I already have you..

Well its not from the bottom of my heart..

We later bath together,,have some fun in the bathroom and later dressed ready to visit the so happy that my problem will be solved..only if I know its unsolvable..

We snuck outside after realising amaka was sleeping in her room..we enter a cab immediately we exited my house..the cab took us to the man’s house as described by kudirat..we alighted and went straight inside the small flat house painted green..kudirat knocked twice..a girl of about 17 opened the door..she is fair in complexion,,with biggest backyard and b0s0m that I have to stare a bit..

she quickly hugged kudirat when she realise it was her..she ushered us immediately after collecting kudirat’s handbag..she sat with kuddy on a large golden couch while I sat on the medium glancing at the girl b0s0m at it was slighlty showing as a result of underwear she wore..

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