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Kudirat: jason meet my sister lola..lola meet my..hmm..boyfriend jason..

Lola: he is really handsome..he is the one you always tells me about?

Kudirat: sure..

I was so suprise when she stood and sat beside me at the edge of the couch..I was really uncomfortable as I can have the clear view of her white b0s0m and my thing already turned rock..kudirat has being killed with jealousy as she stared at her angrily..and what did she mean by her this her house??

Kudirat: where is dad?

Lola: he is gone to meeting..he will be back soon..

Seems am right..why didn’t she say the truth before..she later left my side after kudirat stylishly called her to kitchen..

Later in the night,,after waiting for decades and kuddy’s father never show..I was already dozing on the couch while kudirat was still watching her yoruba films..chaii..I checked my time to see 7:10pm..I guess am not going home today..wait where is lola??

Me: where is your sister?

Kudirat: she is inside sleeping..

Me: why didn’t you tell me this is your house??*i said almost angrily*

Kudirat: he is my father’s twin brother have to trust me.. all her family be herbalist??..after waiting for about 30minutes..I sent kudirat inside and accepted to sleep on the couch..I plugged in my earpiece and slowly drifted to sleep..I finally slept off..suddenly I was feeling a hand rubbing and caressing my chest..I was enjoying this thinking it was a dream..I finally opened my eyes when I realise it was not a dream..whaat??..who is this am looking at??

*shhh* lola motioned to me placing her finger on my lips…–n

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