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Me: what are you doing?? *i whispered*

Lola: what did you mean?? *she whispered back*

I quickly removed her hand and jumped up leaving some space between us..

Lola: I heard you are the best on bed..after seeing you today..I can’t stop myself from having you jason..

She just called me by name??..she began walking to me while I just stared at her pretty face as she was looking at me innocently in her nightie..

Lola: you might be thinking its a joke..but I think have fall..en for y..ou jason..I didn’t say you should break up with my just have to be dating us both..I just can’t stop thinking about you jason..

I just stared at her agape..she suddenly hugged me tight not giving me anychance to escape.. ”I love you” she muttered softly..before I know it,,she have already grabbed my d–k through the trouser..I was immediately turned on..our face collided rushing towards the couch..we later landed on the couch leaving me at the bottom while she was on top..we were still doing all this when I remembered kudirat’s warning..I don’t want to run mad..I quickly withdrew my lip while my hard rock thing immediately reduced..

Lola: what happened *she asked still ontop of me*

Me: I can’t do this,,am sorry..what if your sister knows about this..

Lola: its not a big deal jason..

Me: wh…

*shh* she interrupted now placing her finger on my lip..

She continued kissing me m0an!ng alongside..we suddenly heard a soft knock on the door..she quickly stand up and redressed her nightie..thank God,,I finally escaped “Who is there” she said with a little angry tone.. ”Come on open the door” a man replied.. ”Dad” she said and ran to the door..she quickly opened the door and her dad entered with an herbalist swagger…she then closed the door..

Lola: why are you so late? (11:51pm)

Lola’s father: you’v forgetten that psychiatric patient I just healed need to wash head??..

Lola: oh that’s true..
he stopped walking immediately he sees me..

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