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Lola’s father: who is this youngman by the way??

Me: welcome sir..

Lola: he is sister kudirat’s friend..

Lola’s father: kudirat?,,where is she?

Kudirat: am right here *she opened the door*

Lola’s father: oh my daughter,,how are you doing?

Kudirat: am very good sir..

Lola’s father: who is this youngman you’ve brought?

Kudirat: he is my b…(Lola interrupted)

Lola: he’s her friend..

Kudirat looked at her somehow..I pray I don’t start a fight between them..

Kudirat: he is my boss’s son..we have some matters to discuss with you…privately..

Lola: why can’t you say it here?

Lola’s father: don’t be rude lola..what’s up to you..

Lola: am sorry,,anyway,,I’ll be waiting here for you uncle jason..*she sat on the couch comfortably*

We later enter a room consist of herbalist stuffs..I was a bit scared when I saw a Unclad female statue with a calabash on it head and blood over it body..chaii..we then sat on a mat at the front of the man..

Lola’s dad: so what’s your problem youngman??

*i explained everything excluding kuidirat parts*
The man smiled and started calling incantations..he sighed after about two minutes of calling incantations..

Lola’s dad: am lieing if I say you are not in problem youngman,,you shouldn’t have done all about ruining your life because of your love for s-x..if you have been more careful,,you would still be living peacefully..

I know its all my fault and I vowed to not try all this s–t again once I overcome this..

Me: you ther..e is no s..oluti..on to this?? *i stammered*

Lola’s dad: fortunately,there is only one solution for you..

My heart started beating heavily…I was so glad atthesame time as I stared at kudirat that covered her mouth in happiness..

Me: what am I going to do??

Lola’s dad: I’ll quickly combined many sacrificial ingredient for you right now in two’ll carry one to a river and one to iroko tree..

Me: why iroko tree??

Lola’s dad: because that girl you called tina is the queen of tree monsters,,a monster living in iroko tree..its a miracle you are still alive youngman..

Me: when am I going to carry it and where to?

Lola’s dad: I can feel some fear in your voice,,don’t worry youngman,,I’ll solve your problems…you’ll will be carrying those sacrifices before 1am tomorrow..

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