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At one point she grabbed her legs and pulled them up behind her head, her eyes closed m0an!ng away. I was In heaven drilling her pucci in Rita’s room and on her bed. The fact that I was having S£x with another girl right on Rita’s bed seemed to have make me more honnier.I wanted to be here forever but knew it wouldn’t last. I pulled out of her pucci and I swear that it was trying to pull me back in. I just had to see what this Tegiri of a girl could do on top of me.
She got the hint as I la!d down next to her. She got up on her feet and lowered herself down impaling herself on my shaft. When she got in as far as she could go she started to grind back and forth. I looked down and I could see her cl!t poking out and rubbing against my pubic hair.

She clearly liked this, as I could feel the juices flowing all over my J0yst!ck. She reached back and lightly rubbed her nails against my balls. I knew if she keeps that up I would Pour, but I wanted to feel her pucci cumm on me before I would do that. So I took control with her on top of me, I started fvcking her, bucking my hips up and down. She totally lost control and fell on my chest. As she herself was lookin down watching my J0yst!ck slam up in her again and again. She told me to brace myself.
“why?” I said

All I heard her say was:
“uhhh this” and at that moment her entire body shook, froze up and I felt her Pour all over my J0yst!ck. I couldn’t believe it.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I flipped Tegiri back onto her back got on top and slid my J0yst!ck back into her while she was still coming down. I took her by surprise and she yelled
“oh god not yet, uhhhh it hurts, oh but don’t bleeping stop!!!!please uhhhh”
She was cummin again and I couldn’t stop myself either. As Tegiri started quaking again I felt the cumm exploding out of my J0yst!ck deep into her geyser of a pucci. Tegiri eyes rolled back into her head and that was the last thing I remembered for at least the next 20 minutes.

I don’t know if I blacked out or what but I know that it was one of the most powerful moments i ever had in my sexcapades.

As i looked over at Tegiri clearly feeling the same as me she whispered
“I love you”
“don’t say anything back, I just want you to know that I’ve never felt anything like that before”

I didn’t say a word. I couldn’t speak. After that we both fell asleep and when I woke up Tegiri was gone.

Rita came back from the marriage very late, I was very angry with her for leaving me all alone at her place. She apologised giving me some excuses of not seeing a vehicle on time. I took my leave, she begged me to stay till the next day and I told her I can’t because I didn’t make any arrangements with my immediate elder brother who do cover for me. She tried kissing me, I returned the favour and she pulled away from me when I decide to take things a little further, mumbling that she is so tired. I let her be. Thank god for Tegiri, Na so this girl go for just dissappoint me today, I thought.

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