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Daisy’s birthday was coming up and I had been having some savings that I intended to use to get her a birthday gift. However, Daisy and I had been having issues, little ones at first, then they became major. I was partly to be blamed for the issues sha. Back then I was the jealous type, Daisy as I’ve said was the first girl I ever trully fell in love with it. I do get angry with her when I see her talking to other guys. We quarrelled over this issue several times.

Things became worse when she became friends with one of the male teaching staffs. This guy do drive a car to lecture. I got pissed off when Daisy started hitching rides home in the guy’s car leaving me to go home alone after lectures. I also started hearing rumours that she do go to the guys house. I felt so betrayed and confronted her, she denied the allegation and things became strained between us.

All these didn’t stop me from getting her a gift on her birthday though. I’ve been able to saved up to four thousand naira and I used the money to buy her a big teddy bear and a birthday card. I brought the teddy bear to lecture on her birthday. She herself came to lecture with a birthday cake. After the close of lectures that day, the lecture management conducted what looked like a birthday party for her. After which I presented the teddy bear and card to her. She thanked me and kissed me on the cheek.
Normally, she do kiss me full on the lips even with people watching us, so I was put out when all I got was a peck on the cheek.

Right in my very eyes, Mr Desmond, who Dasiy had been galivanting around with told her that he is taking her out to Mr Biggs to celebrate her birthday in a grand way. I was hoping she would refused. But she gleefully accepted and to ‘put sand sand for garri’ she handed over my teddy bear to one of her friends as if it was trash after which she walked off with Mr Desmond, entered his car and they zoomed off. I couldn’t believed what I was seeing. I felt so little and insignificant that moment.

Later that night, I couldn’t sleep. I was heart broken. I tried calling Daisy but she won’t pick up, normally she do pickup my calls on first ring. I called her several times and she didn’t picked up. That moment something came over me and I drafted a text message breaking up the relationship. I sent the text before I realised what I’ve done.

Next day in lecture, she stayed away from me and I was too proud to walked to her and that’s how I lost my first and true love due to pride and jealousy.

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