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The days after my breakup with Daisy was like hell on earth to me. For the first time I experienced heart break. Seeing her in lecture and not being able to talk to her was quite pain full. I made up my mind never to allow myself fall in love with any girl ever again.

A week later, a girl approached me in lecture.
“Sam, how far?” She said.

This was the first time of us speaking to each other. I didn’t even know her name before that day. Victory was a very rascally looking girl back then, she was short and not overtly beautiful. She however was gifted with large mellons and a nice tight butt0ckz. She carried a dread locked hair style throughout her lecture days and her tongue was like razor blade. Back then everyone was scared of getting into a war of words with Victory. She was capable of making you regret why you were given birth to.
“Not far o” I replied.

“There is something I want you to do for me” she said.
“What is it?

“Can you help me open a Facebook account?”
She asked.

“Yea, why not, do you have data in your phone, because I don’t” I replied.

“Yea, I do”

She handed her phone over to me and I proceeded to open a Facebook account for her. We started talking while I was operating her phone. Trust her, she went straight to my issues with Daisy.

“I noticed you and Daisy aren’t moving together again”

“Are you guys quarrelling?”
She asked.

“Sort of” I replied, trying to be evasive.

“Hmmmm, then why haven’t you guys try to settle?” She went on to ask.

“Nothing…… actually we have broken up.” I finally owned up.

“I’m so sorry, what actually happened” she sounded so genuine and caring that I was compelled to tell her everything. It all came out from me in a rush, and I almost cried.

After narrating what happened to her, I felt kinda relieved and some sort of peace settled on me.
Victory comforted me, telling me some nice things. We make friends automatically that day, we exchanged phone numbers and I was the first person she added on her Facebook account.
While Victory and i was talking, I couldn’t help but notice Daisy staring at us. I would have paid billions to know what was on her mind while Victory and I were having a tête a tête. Victory called me on phone later that evening. Her airtime got exhausted and I called her back. We spoke for some more minutes and we agreed to make night calls. I got to know the real Victory with time. She wasn’t really rascally or bad mouthed, deep down she was a decent spoilt girl if you know what I mean. She was also very caring, thoughtful and possessive. She had already started acting like she is my girlfriend in public even though I hadn’t gone around to ask her out.

In a bid to make Daisy jealous, Victory would sit on my laps especially when Daisy is within the vicinity. She even got into an unnecessary fracas with Daisy one day just because Daisy mistakenly stepped on her foot. Her unnecessary possessiveness became almost annoying at a point.

A week before Jamb Exam, Victory called me, she wanted to know if she can come over to my house so that we can answer jamb past questions together. She came over about an hour later. She was wearing bump short jean and a shiny shiny top. She hugged me right there at the veranda, pressing her big soft b0s0m on me when I came to open the door for her. And to be frank, I’ve on many occasion fantasied on sU-Cking those b0s0m of hers.

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