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Happy’s face was a mask, I couldn’t read her to gauge her reaction to the call I had just received. I saw Rita walking towards us. She came right to us. I decided to play it smoothly.

“This Happy, I stumbled into her today after the exams” I said to Rita.

“This Rita, my fr……” I continued to say before Rita cut me off.

“I’m Sammy’s girlfriend. Its nice meeting you” she said to Happy.

“Thanks, same here too.” “I’ll be on my way home now, Sammy”

She stood up before I could say anything. I quickly stood up, with the intention of seeing her outside the restaurant and if possible collect her phone number. But it was not to be so, Rita pulled me back down on the seat, not too gently.

Happy looked at the both of us for like 5 seconds after which she simply walked away.

“So this is what you’ve been doing when I’m not around abi?”
Rita asked after Happy had gone out of hearing distance.

“What have I been doing?” I asked her with an innocent look.

“What kind of question is that. I caught you here with a girl and you lied when I asked you where you are. She said, visibly angry. Though she had the good sense to lower her voice.

“I was simply hungry, she simply showed me where I can buy something to eat”

“Why didn’t you come home and eat, you know there’s food at home, yet……”
She trailed off.

“Rita, please its okay. I don’t have time for this now. I just finished writing an exam and I need to rest”

“You should have thought of that earlier”
she replied saucily and walked out on me.

“Woman wahala” a voice said behind me. Obviously he had been listening to my spat with Rita.

“No be small thing bro” I said, I turned around facing him.

He laughed out loud.

“Guy you never see anything, that one way your babe display just now, Na small thing. Yesterday, my babe burst my big television, come still soak my mattress with water just because one ‘oshere’ send me one kind love message, chai! That girl no get joy at all” he ranted on.

His name was James, a 200 level law student.He became my best friend while in school

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