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I was shocked when Happy told me she rented accommodation inside Ekosodin. This girl get mind o. Ekosodin is the most notorious of all places within Uniben axis. It’s the den of different cult groups. A week hardly pass by that we don’t hear of someone that was sent to the after life in Ekosodin. Girls and guys are openly molested on the street, generally speaking the area was a red zone and my elder brother made me promised never to cross over to Ekosodin. My friend James had been trying to get me to pay him a visit, but I had been putting him off because he stayed inside Ekosodin.

I almost went back when Happy told me she stays in Ekosodin, I manned up and went with her. If a girl can be bold enough to rent an apartment in Ekosodin, then I should be more than bold enough to go there just for a day I reasoned.

We got to her hostel, some bare chested guys were outside smoking Igbo in an hot afternoon. I loyall loyal very well to them before I entered the hostel. I no wan hear say person come dey load my face with plenty slaps just because I no loyal.
I sat on the bed on getting to Happy’s room as there wasn’t a chair to sit on. Happy then went inside her bathroom to ease herself after which she came out and walked to me.

“Please, help me unzip my gown”
she turned around, proffering her back to me. I stood up straight and gently pulled down the zip. My Finger graze her back while the zip was coming down and I felt her shiver and sighed softly. She pulled away and went inside her room divider to change. She came out wearing a bum short and a shimi top with no bra underneath. I could easily see the shape of her n!pples.

I reminded her of the phone which she promised to give me. She brought it out and handed it over to me. A stylish looking Samsung phone.

The battery was down so I plugged the phone into a wall socket after which I powered the phone.

“Lemme have the phone, there is something I want to delete before giving it to you”
happy said while stretching her hand toward me.

“What is it you want to delete, tell me. I’ll delete it for you” I replied.

Happy refused to tell me instead she tried taking away the phone from my hand. We started struggling over the phone, in the process she pushed me on the bed and fell right on top of me.
I mistakenly pressed her breasts while trying to dislodged her from my body. She finally got hold of the phone, she cheated by tickling me and I was forced to roll off her from her atop her.

She deleted what ever it was she wanted to delete and handed the phone over to me. I took my leave 3 hours later. My Igbo smoking friends were still outside weeding away. Happy told me not to be worried when I asked her while she rented a place here of all places. According to her, her elder brother passed over the apartment to her when he graduated. Her elder brother was a senior man in one of the cult group, so she is untouchable and her elder brother told those guys I saw earlier to be looking out for her.

Rita was angrily waiting for me when I got home. She won’t even let me enter the house before she started shouting on me, wanting to know where I was coming from. She followed me in still shouting. I ignored her, took my bath and went over to Tegiri’s room. Tegiri and I had been secretly fvcking each other under Rita’s nose. Although we had been pretty careless of late and some of our neighbours had started gossiping. I knew its a matter of time before the gossip gets to Rita. I had my J0yst!ck in Tegiri’s pucci with her legs on my shouders few minutes into entering her room. Her tv was blaring away, so I wasn’t scared other neighbours would hear her m0an!ng out loud.

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