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Must Read: NO MORE ROOM FOR LOVE - Season 1 - Episode 82
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Dedicated to everyone who followed this story

Dad, it’s Kate! Are you busy? She asked still not sure how to start.

I heard there’s a dinner going on tonight.
Yes, Kate. Do you want to come over as well. Wilson asked.

Doctor Sly said it’s not possible for me to be moving around now, so don’t worry you can have your family dinner.

I’m sorry, we can cancel until you are better. I just thought I had less time so I could make it up to your mom before my surgery starts next week.

But mom said you have up to three months? No Kate, I have just three weeks, she probably didn’t want you to worry. Wilson said.

Kate are you there he asked for the third time. Yes Dad, she responded with a teary tone.

That’s okay, Kate! I’m sure if I had to die during this surgery it’s just my punishment for all the tears I made you and your mom share while I looked on.

I’m sure you will make it Dad, just come back safe, Stacy would need you.

For me I have my husband, but she would need a man in her life. Kate said with a calm tone.

Talking of husbands, how is that going. Wilson asked after wiping his last tear from his face.

Dad, I don’t know where to start from.

He isn’t talking either. Kate finally briefed his Dad about the main reason she called.

Kate, to be honest with you, despite your husbands mistakes he loves you. I knew that the first day I caught him stalking you outside my gate.

I had to call him in and asked some few questions, maybe you can start by showing him some respect.

He would really appreciate it and everything would fall in place. Your mom did that a lot , despite the many troubles I gave her.

Dad I’m just scared he would repeat his mistakes again. Kate said worried.

Trust me, he wouldn’t try it again. He has learnt his lesson the hard way.

Okay Dad, if anything happens again, the guilt will be on you. She said and they both giggled.
Just then, the door to her ward opened. Dad enjoy your dinner and don’t yell on Stacy too much. She said and quickly hanged up.

You got a new shirt nectar; she just had to say something before he goes mute again.

He nodded.

Are you back to nod your head throughout your stay here. Kate asked expecting him to say something.

The door opened slowly and they both looked to it’s direction.

What are you doing here he finally found his voice.

Good! You can talk. Now that your former mistress is here can we begin, or is she still your mistress.

Kate what are you doing, lets not start this way. He pleaded.

Start what exactly nectar? Marriage or a divorce? Kate asked.

Can you quickly choose one, I understand Pearl has a flight to catch but I want her to be present for this.

Kate what should I do again, I have apologized several times.

I thought apology is supposed to solve everything in marriage. Why is ours different.
It’s different because you don’t do it right, you never have. You say I’m sorry several times and keep going back to your mistakes.
What should I do when that happens again nectar? Do you know why I’m even talking to you now?

Yes we have kids, they are the only reason you are considering this.

Nectar said walking to her bed while Pearl avoided their gazes.

And who told you I want to be with you now nectar. Kate asked.

I know you want to try; please I want this to work. Let me fix it. Nectar said holding her hands which she quickly withdrew.

What is left to fix nectar! Everything is broken, you remember my reaction after I came home when I runned away to Drake’s, that was the genesis of the feelings I tried so hard to figure out. Kate was saying and got interrupted.

What it’s worth I think you should know you two are obviously doing this wrongly again. Pearl blurted out from behind.

And what is that supposed to mean Pearl? Nectar said walking to her side.

Leave her alone Nectar. She obviously has something to say.

Now I’m listening Pearl.

You should know he isn’t a magician to figure out you have feelings for him if you don’t tell him. Pearl who was quiet all along blurted out and had no intention of stopping now.

You keep it bolted in and it kills him every time he has to come home wondering how you feel.

Your happiness has always been his priority, we end up talking about you all the time. I do the listening and he talks.

Do you know how hard it was for me knowing he just jumped off me and all he could think about was you?

The guy loves you, the least you could do is reciprocate that, tell him how you feel and stop acting bossy all the time, he doesn’t mind but it gets to him a lot.

At least he deserves that sort of respect from you.

Well I have to go, whatever happens to this marriage, I’m sorry I almost ruined something wonderful.

Pearl finally said and walked out.

There was silence for a while until he spoke up.

I’m sorry Kate, I just want to start afresh, he was saying when she interrupted.

What do you plan on doing now that you don’t have a job. She asked.

Can we forget that for now, let me know where I stand with you first then we can talk about jobs.

Nectar said squeezing her hands, which she was fighting the urge to pull off.

I love you obviously you do, lets try again.
No I don’t Nectar, we obviously would try again but this time you have to work for it.

She said thinking if she just did the right thing by denying what she obviously felt for him.

I would do anything, now that I don’t have a job, I definitely would need something doing.
Nectar blurted out.

I want to stay with my mom for now, we will start from the beginning. Kate said.

What are you saying, you are not coming home with me? He asked.

Not yet, you know you didn’t marry me properly! You have to do the right thing now.
Sounds, good? She asked.

I would come home after the renewal of our vows. She added.

Don’t worry I wont stay that long. Nectar just kept staring.

Oh don’t give me that look nectar, I’m being fair here because I was wrong too form the start.

That’s the only reason why we are having this conversation now and I’m sorry I disrespected you several times. Can we have a real marriage now nectar. I can be submissive you know.

Oh really! Then what happened to the Seven months with me. Nectar asked a bit relaxed.
Your sister and Mandy and a whole lot happened. You were just a victim of circumstance besides you forced me to marry you, remember?

Yeah, your Dad was tough to convince though!
You see why I said you didn’t work for this marriage, do it right this time before he starts his surgery.

I can’t be perfect all the time, I’m a mess and stubborn sometimes please don’t take me for granted.

You are too proud to admit your faults even now but that’s okay.

I want this so I would make that decision for you as I can see pride written all over you now .

I heard everything you said, from the s-x to where I went wrong, nectar was saying when she smiled.

What’s funny Kate!

You realized you obviously just mentioned the s-x so we talk about it.

I can’t promise you what you are used to but we can always push the kids to Mom’s and…….

Kate that’s okay, I would manage. He said to avoid making her talk much as he feels her body temperature rising.

I don’t want you to manage, I know you have needs, I would do my best to be there but please don’t hurt me this way again.
He nodded and adjusted her pillow for her.
I obviously have feelings for you, sorry I lied earlier but it’s depth I can’t tell and therefore I won’t contest it.

Kate said rather slowly, frowning in between the talk and the pains while trying to endure the surge running through her body.

How is he always looking ravishing after a fresh bath she thought.

Together we will face the obstacles ahead. He said with assurance.

How does the name Kira and Kino Sound? Nectar interjected smiling.

Sounds perfect, but your sister would have to name the kids. I promised her that, please and no more secrets nectar.

I don’t want to go back home to an angry Matt’s. She said and got lucky. He leaned over and kissed her forehead.


Opinions are like……

A lot of you may have wished this story ended in a different way, but this is how far the lord has brought us.

Two wrongs……. but then those two just happen to get everything wrong. It’s not always when you start well it would end well but when you start wrong it definitely isn’t worth it unless there is a change somewhere.

One has pride and the other too much patience. When you spare the rod…..

To all those who commented and supported God bless you all.

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This is surely a masterpiece
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Whoa a wonderful one more grace to your elbow
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