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Unfortunately, there is nothing outstanding about him, so I’d just go straight to the most significant lie he ever told (to me anyways).

If you can’t love me, I’d commit suicide.

Seems like the everyday boy meets girl, falls hopelessly in love goto pick-up line. But this was a little more than that, and a whole lot more pathetic.

We met three years ago, in one of the little halls of my school cum Jamb tutorial center. I’d state the time, but that’ll mean indulging too much importance to our fleeting relationship time together. There were a lot of new faces, hardly anyone familiar, because most of my set mate were either busy touring the country or taking time to cool off from their high school experience while gathering momentum for throes of college life. He was one of the new faces. I remember seeing him about two weeks after I had started.

It all started with a compliment.

“I like the way you speak.”

There was nothing wrong with smiling back at the utterance of an outspoken fact. Though if I hadn’t let vanity get the most part of me, I’d have realized I had never spoken a word to him before.

“Thank you.” I replied, smiling.

Somewhere along the line of vainly waiting for the chemistry tutor to show up, our conversation had proceeded to:

Me: “…oh, I’m not really a fan of sports but I was in the track team here in high school.”

Kelechi: “No wonder you have such wonderful legs.”

I should have noticed the red flag, but then again… I do have wonderful legs.

Me: laughing “How about you? You look athletic enough.”

Kelechi: “I dance.”

Me: “Woah, that’s unexpected, never would have guessed.”

Kelechi: “You don’t watch much television, do you?”

Me: “Not much. Why?”

Kelechi: “I have a band, we actually came in third place on Step up Revolution season 4.
Massive show, aired on fifteen channels.”

Given my social lacking then, I actually swallowed that hook, line, and sinker. When I watched the movie four months ago, I shot myself in the foot (figuratively).

Me: “Maybe one of these days, I get to watch you perform.”

Kelechi: “Or, you could just come watch us rehearse.”

Me: “That’ll be cool.”

The only performance I saw him act out, was three weeks after and it had nothing to do with dancing. Turned out he was not only a liar but also a very skillful actor.

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