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It’s a little past 6 pm, Sophia wears a solemn expression as she gathers the leftovers into the bin. I’m standing by the kitchen door frame because either the builders took the name ‘self-contain’ literally or the kitchen was probably missing from the architectural blueprint and was then added as an afterthought. 12 by 5ft, single windowed, three-walled cupboard, nailed in kitchen table, sink and no inch of storage space, two of me could actually fit in, but me and Sophia? No.

She looks dejectedly at me, “That’s why you insisted I cook.” She sighs, “It’s never going to work out, is it?

I shake my head, “No, it isn’t.” and then I add, “You should probably stop taking Aunty Chioma’s food to them too.”

It’s been a week since the whole Chris issue, and his name hasn’t been mentioned between me and Sophia. Hopefully that should be the end of her match making journey. In a few days, our 2nd-semester examinations would commerce, and I’m really looking forward to it…well, not the examination per say, the aftermath…undergraduate Internship.

I study computer engineering and I’m in my third year.

When people ask why I chose to study computer engineering, I smile and give them the love of technological innovation sermon. Which is in all honesty, a far cry from the truth. And although I do like my course (or at least the idea of it).
What really happened was I opted for it in a bid to prove a point that male dominated courses were so called, not because women couldn’t do it but because they had little exposure to warrant even the inclination of doing so, and if given the chance would outshine the males over and out. Admittedly I sometimes succumb to cussing the lights out of that particular day I penned it on the form, each time I have to memorize about a hundred lines of code for an exam, yet, I was right of course, with a 4.4 G.P.A backing me up.

Albeit that’s why the idea of six months without having to cram in volumes of programming jargon and logic circuits diagrams into my head is quite appealing.

The only noticeable downside is I won’t be seeing Sophia for a while. She studies biochemistry and is in the same level as I am, although a year older. How we came to be friends is quite funny, seeing as three years ago we couldn’t stand each other.

We first spoke at the C04 lecture hall. Before then we were just familiar faces to each other, sharing lecture halls and love-garden spaces. Well to me, she was the fair rich girl with brain and curves inversely proportional and as she later admitted to me, I was the tall dreadful snub with toes too big for any shoe to fit.

It was one of the older halls of the campus and was rarely ever used for taking actual lectures. I remember leaving my discrete mathematics class because if I had stayed, I would either have died from suffocation (it was a combined class with the various departments of our faculty) or boredom (my brain had already shut down from listening to, and futilely trying to process too much unuseful information). I had only one direction in mind, and that was the school hostel, my room. When I got there, the door was locked.

I shared the room with two other girls. I picked up my phone and dialed Sylvia, one of my roommates, she told me she had mistakenly dropped the keys in her bag and directed me where to meet her in the lab as she couldn’t leave there.

I dropped my bag and headed back to school albeit frustratedly, half way Sylvia called back…goodness gracious it wasn’t the house keys, she just remembered Yinka had walked in as she was about leaving for class. Please don’t be angry, just find somewhere close to stay, preferably C04 hall? I just called her, she’d bring the keys to you.

And there I was in C04 tampering down my anger by drumming each finger on the desk when someone vaguely
commented, “There’s beauty indeed in diversity.” I had no idea what he meant but I looked up anyway.

He was a random guy with the cutest smile I’d ever see and he gestured with two pointed index fingers to me and someone by my side. He turned out to be Chisom, my second boyfriend.

I turned to my side to see who he had paired me up with, it was Sophia.

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