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Must Read : Quality of love - Season 1 - Episode 3
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During night everybody are wandering around Kay saw bright and He feels happy.

If I should wed with you
How shall it be?

My night will be wonderful
And I will have a lovely dream. He imagined
d!ckson was very angry when He saw the reaction Kay towards his wife walking steps, that is what makes him to feels suspicious and move closer to Kay saying
Kay I know you
Bright is my love
And you know our wedding is knocking
Please Stay away from her
Because I can kill only because of her.
And He left
Kay were so scaring, he can’t say a word and He find His way out of the place. A minute after, kay saw Bright and d!ckson playing love but unfortunately there were slight misunderstanding between them. And d!ckson is absolutely beating harassing, accusing bright with the high weight of hand slap.

Bright were crying and she said
d!ckson! d!ckson!! d!ckson!!!
Though, you tame my beautiful
Flower from wonderful pasture
While I give you my hearth
I made a promise to you that
I will never go back to my pasture Again
I will always be with you
But you make me feel arraigned.

The much you beat me the less the
Percentage of my love for you decrease
As soon as she finished her expressions, she saw KAY also come to her and they are playing, happy and rejoicing together. Instantly both of them are thinking.

You are the only person I want to be with for the rest of my life
And grow old with. Bright Is the only sun in my day

The wind in my sky
The waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart.
Bright also thinked

If I should have knew KAY I would not have marry d!ckson.

Every moment spend with him is like a beautiful dream that have Come true. I cannot just control myself, every time I see you I feel so special you are the only one I love and which I can give
All request to.

Suddenly, d!ckson appear in front of the door, and trying to listen may be they will make a words but they don’t, KAY and bright are just doing thought expression vice-versa d!ckson make a call to bright and she follow d!ckson to their apartment.

It remains only KAY outside he is weeping because he cannot control his self again he hold one pillar and say.

Ho!!! My love bright why do you leave me now
I expected your presence till the bright the darkness.

I never finish my words neither my feelings, nor my Thought will belong to another person but only will Be preserve for you.

And he cried! Cried!! Cried!!!

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