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Must Read: Rain (A Story By Gracile) - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Cronk Cronk Cronk..

The intermittent noise from the rickety taxi had become attuned to their ears. Boarding a motorcycle would have been faster and she would not be suffering from the discomfort of this tight vehicle and the pungent odour emanating from it; but of course this was way cheaper. Not that she was stingy or broke, but because grandma her well the benefits of spending moderately.

Outside, the sky was clear blue except for the shy sun peeping from the east. It was past 9am by her wristwatch which meant, her grandma was back from the farm. Its early September so most schools were yet to resume from the break which explains why the streets were littered with so many kids. There were some playing football on the sands of their bungalows with improvised goalposts, others were running and chasing one other; little girls and young ladies carried pails of water or baskets on their head, smiling and chatting as they went.

It's been only two months but she realized how much she had missed the simple life of her village, it was nothing like Lagos. She thought of her friends Asabe and Philomena, and hoped they'll be around to help plait her hair, theirs were often tinier than her grandma's gigantic cornrows.

They were the only people who had the patience to braid her full, long hair.

The rickety taxi finally stopped at the junction. She alighted and took the road by the left which led to their quarters (missionary quarters), the other led to the village square, the market and one of the streams. Her friends and most of the villagers, including the Sarkis' Palace, were based there.

" Aunty Rain, Aunty Rain welcome " the kids exclaimed as they rushed to collect her bag and handbag.

"Thank you so much " she said to them and handed each of them bananas from her handbag

"Thank you Aunty" they chorused and skittered off

She entered the house, calling grandma, when no response came she checked Nana's room but she wasn't there either. She then went to her own room to drop her bags before going to the backyard.

Nana was there, turning a big pot of tuwo balanced upon firewood.

Immediately she saw Rain, she jumped and came to hug her, full of smiles

"Ah, why didn't you say you were coming"

"I wanted to surprise you"

"You people are already have on break?" She said while smoothening Rains hair.

"Not yet ma..

" Ha, you've grown so lean o, look at your neck, have you been eaten well or you fell sick?"

"No Nana, it's nothing just stress that's all. I'm fine"

Rain went and started turning the food on fire.

"No my dear go and rest first, I'm almost through its just remaining to warm the soup I prepared yesterday. It's even your favorite.

" Hmm I miss your food Nana, but this tuwo is plenty o, or are you expecting a visitors? "

"I'm not expecting anyone. She laughed, bI like I always tell you, one should always have extra food ready in case of unexpected visitors...

" Should such visitors never come you have yourself dumamen two" Rain completed

"And you know how I like leftover food"

"I know Nana" she said, and both laughed.

Few minutes later, they were both seated on two stools each, swallowing a mountain of tuwo da miyan kubewa(corn meal and okra soup).

Grandma wash her hands and scrutinized Rains face briefly and then she began

"Speak what is bothering you, I'm listening"

"Tell me about my parents.. Everything"

"Nana winced but immediately plastered a smug smile on her face. " Is that why you traveled this distance abandoning your studies? "

" I need to know the truth" Rain said with a grave seriousness. "Here" she took out a piece of paper from her pocket and handed to Nana. Can you please explain this to me"

Fear crossed Nana's faceas she unfolded the letter to read

"My glasses please"

Rain went in and returned with her glasses
After glancing through, she began, her voice shaky..

"This is...was..her voice stuttered. Your father..wrote this.. this letter"

"Obviously" Rain retorted, her jaw clenched.

"I don't know anything about this letter dear. This... this doesn't change anything.

" Oh yes it's changed everything Nana, this letter changes everything, you lied to me!"

Nana gritted her teeth, "whatever I did, I did for you my dear, for our family, for us" a line appeared between her brows

Rain held Nana's trembling hands in hers, "What. Did. You. Do?" She asked, stressing each word.

Nana simply shook her head and pressed her lips, her eyes were welling up " It will break you, the truth will break you"

"Tell me! Rain snapped, her nostrils flaring

" Not now please my child, not now. I'll tell you everything by sunset, it's a long story but t I'll tell you all you need to know"

Rain released her grip " Fine, by sunset Nana, by God, let your worda be your witness"

With that, she left to her room.

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